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e-commerce website with wix

To develop an online business and sell products it is now essential to go through an E-commerce website. These sites have several advantages if they are well optimized and well managed. Notably in terms of inventory management, currency and a whole set of specific data to ensure online sales.

Several solutions are available to Internet users wishing to embark on the adventure of online sales. We will see which ones are available to you according to the budget that you will be able to invest in your website. But first, let’s take the project back from the beginning.

Create an E-commerce Website

Before embarking on the creation of an e-commerce website, it is necessary to prepare its specifications and to include all the steps necessary for its realization. The specifications are essential when its implementation is entrusted to an agency.

On a personal basis, it still allows being guided in the realization steps. Let’s see what to remember and at the end, you can set up your digital strategy for your website.


The specifications must include a set of steps that will allow a provider to follow them with a minimum of interventions from you. The idea is to build a frame that he can follow to the letter and achieve the desired result.

To achieve this, see the main points to be addressed in the specifications. Each of them will be moreover to follow as part of a project to realize oneself. It is therefore interesting to produce this notebook in all cases, to have a benchmark in his project. We will see the most important ones to start peacefully.

The steps to follow are generally in this order with a few nuances:

Ecommerce Marketplace

– Accommodation

Hosting is where your website will be stored. We speak of a shared server or dedicated server. As part of a project where the site is completely managed internally by the owner, she will have to make a server choice. The shared server indicated a server that is shared between several website owners. The disadvantage that may arise on this choice is a low rate if one of the sites on the server cannibalizes the bandwidth. This is the principle of sharing but not always based on equity.

A dedicated server is entirely dedicated to your site and therefore the bandwidth, as well as the CPU power and storage space, are allocated to you. In return, you will need to master the technicality and maintenance of the server. This is not within the reach of a beginner as a rule.

– The domain name (s)

The domain name is the URL of your site, it’s web address which is to enter in the bar of a browser. It is rigorous to choose a short name, easy to remember and buy it in .com and .fr when possible. .Com is the most popular and popular for a URL.

The .fr will strengthen your URL through a redirection and also avoid cybersquatting. You could add the domains in .net. info .org but it will weigh down the budget.

Count between 10 to 20$ / year for a domain name and sometimes nothing if your hosting offer includes one or two free domain names.

– The theme or template of your site

The theme of your site is what is called the skeleton. At the base, it looks like nothing but offers a wide range of features and many parameters. It will be up to you to work on the colors, design, additions, plugins etc …

The E-commerce part will be managed directly from the theme if the plugin comes with, otherwise, it will usually go through the Woo-Commerce plugin. Which in the end will deserve special attention to learn how to configure it.

A theme can be relatively intuitive to use or sometimes complex if you do not come across a flexible and flexible model. Go for the premium themes at the top of the table, they are safe values. Make your choice on Themeforest which is the biggest platform of themes to date.

It will cost you approximately between 60 and 100$ the theme.

– The graphics chart

The graphic chart represents your color code and the visual design of your site. It’s his visual imprint! An element that must distinguish you from your competitors and through which we can also feel confident if the colors and graphics are well managed.

You will have a dominant color, graphic elements that characterize you, a dedicated font etc … The graphic is part of your identity and must allow you to be recognized … in the long run.

From the graphics chart derives the logo, it can be part of it but it represents a significant part of work if one wants to associate the brand created with what it must convey. A logo is an imprint that will follow you and to is done, it must be identified quickly and rely on visual elements very simple. Either you make it happen or you’re creative in the soul and you get started.

Know there are many tools to create a logo.

– The architecture of your site

The architecture of your site are the different pages that you want to put and how to link them together. We start from a homepage to which we can attach a news page, a contact page, a page about etc …

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In principle, a mind mapping tool is used to create this schema. We insert the homepage in the center and you decide how many pages to attach to your home in addition to sub-pages etc …

So much for the first part of the specifications concerning the creation of your E-commerce website. One can, of course, add a maximum of detail like buttons to insert, call-to-action and a level of precision is much more pointed than this first part.

The goal here is to understand the main elements of an E-commerce site.

E-commerce WebsiteLet’s take a look at the 3 solutions available to you:

1. Have your E-commerce website carried out by an agency

The first solution is to have your E-commerce website realized by a specialized web agency. She will follow your specifications to the letter for the realization of your project.

You will be dealing with experts for a rendering faithful to your wishes and a site that will belong to you entirely … but at what price?

The passage through an agency can hurt the wallet because it can cost you from a few thousand dollar to several tens of thousands of Dollar. Suffice to say that it is a very expensive project if we want to sell many product references on its E-commerce website. If you have the budget do not deprive it! Otherwise, 2 other solutions may still be suitable.

2. Create your website with a CMS like Prestashop, Magento or WordPress

For the creation of your E-commerce website via a dedicated CMS or more commonly a content manager, you will have to put a little … a lot … hands in the grease. Already managing your server if it is dedicated will take time. If you opt for shared it will already be easier because many web hosts offer to install WordPress or Prestashop automatically.

Once your hosting and domain name acquired, it will install your theme and dress.

Depending on the chosen theme, learning will be necessary to take advantage of it quickly, because the grips differ and the results with. That is to say, it will take time to build your site because as already raised, the template is a skeleton. Then there will be many parameters to configure and for those, it will certainly search right on the left on the internet to be properly guided.

You might find tutorials or not and what’s more you will not have any hotline to help you build your site because each element is acquired separately. According to the CMS Prestashop, WordPress or Magento, you will once again learn to master it … As for Magento forget it totally if you are a beginner because it is a CMS that requires a real knowledge to exploit it.

With WordPress, you will have the WooCommerce plugin to install and also to master because it is he who will offer E-commerce features.

Prestashop is more affordable but you still need to learn how to use it. So, in the end, the CMS + the theme and the plugin WooCommerce if you opt for WordPress … will take you a few days or weeks to overcome.

After which you can build your E-commerce website little by little. As much as it is not won if you start and want to have a chance to realize your business online.

Do not panic! We have a solution that may be the right one.

3. Create your E-commerce website with Wix

To create an E-commerce website with Wix, you do not need to have advanced knowledge of design, design, and formatting. On each of these points, Wix accompanies you until obtaining a result according to your requirements.

Wix is, therefore, the most economical and easy to use solution. It will, of course, be essential to have the common elements mentioned above to build your own identity on the web. That is to say a domain name and a plan that will help you build your site.

Wix is ​​the simplest and most affordable solution to create a classic website or E-commerce website

With Wix, you will not need to install anything because everything happens online. It is a CMS directly accessible from the internet to build your E-commerce website. You can choose your template without needing to browse another site and you will also have access to many features to offer great customers experience for online shopping.

Wix is:

  • One hundred templates
  • An intuitive interface
  • A custom domain
  • A site optimized for mobile

Wix also puts at your disposal many resources such as tutorials, online help etc … so you do not feel alone and delivered to yourself. You will always have an expert at your service to support you in your project.

Wix is really the online CMS designed and imagined for beginners and those who do not always have the time to show a complex project. If Wix can also support complex projects, it will, however, be intuitive and allow you to be in touch with real experts.

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