Why Choosing A Career In Tech Could Be The Coolest Thing You Ever Do


Youth isn’t so easy on the intelligent, quirky and misunderstood. Smart kids are often bullied and alienated for their niche interests, but luckily for these folks, the real world is kind to “nerds,” and especially techies, who are in high demand now more than ever. With smartphones taking over the country and children asking for tablets and beyond for birthdays and the holiday season, technology is relevant to everyone, and it also runs our lives.

You may be forever labeled as a “tech nerd,” but here are some reasons why working in tech is the coolest thing you could ever do.

There’s a push for more women in tech

Technology may be a male-dominant profession, but the U.S. is trying to change that with a strong push for more women in technology. Back in 2007, the National Center for Women & Information Technology launched a program called Aspirations in Computing, which aims to foster talent among high school girls who are interested in the tech world. Whether you’re male or female, you’d be entering a field with progressive opportunities and exciting changes to come.

Pop culture rewards it

The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth author Alexandra Robbins said in 2011 that we’re in the “age of the nerd,” and as a self-proclaimed nerd herself, she knew what she was talking about. Wildly popular TV programs like The Big Bang Theory support Robbins’ claim, so if you’re embarrassed by your obsession with computer games or Reddit forums, remember you’re not alone and that this very hobby might make you stand out in an interesting way.

You could work in Silicon Valley and other cool places

No matter the time of year, California is an amazing place to be, and if you choose to work in tech, you could very well end up in the Golden State, or more specifically, Silicon Valley. Not only does the Bay Area have beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and good weather year-round, but there are also tremendous work opportunities for techies. It is home to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and a slew of other promising tech companies. There are tons of different places to send your resumes, but if you’re worried about emailing them out of the blue, seek the help of IT staffing companies, some of which may have a connection at the offices you’re interested in. Staffing companies are all over, so even if you cannot work in California, your location doesn’t have to limit your opportunities.

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Luckily for all, the West Coast isn’t the only U.S. hotspot for techies. The tech and startup scene is booming in New York City, which, as we all know, never sleeps. If you’re looking for a little more excitement and adventure, you can very well head to Manhattan for a career in tech.

If you have an innovative streak and want to be part of the way technology is changing the world, a career in tech could be your calling. Whether you’re enthused about the different computer science jobs out there or .net developer jobs that let you work remotely, there’s a good chance you’ll make a decent living on top of working in one of the most important industries there is.

Lacey works in tech, and knows that there has virtually never been a better time than today for such a career. She hopes others, especially women, interested in this field seek out resources like staffing firms to get a foot in the door. She loves her work, and wants others to know what great careers are out there for them.