Web Design Tools: Flite’s Design Studio vs Google’s Web Designer



The SaaS ad platform provider, Flite launched a new version of Design Studio that can be used for building interactive HTML5 sites and ads. Web design tools are coming of age and ad tech companies seem to have laser focus to make it more user friendly for their customers to build ads and web creatives. It is very similar to Google Web Designer tool which was also created for designing HTML5 websites and ads. Since more and more users are switching to mobile devices brands are trying their best to create ads that fits these devices. After Google launched its Web Designer tool Flite had to come up with something special and they delivered.

Let’s take a look at some of its features:

• Easy to create interactive, animated HTML5 ads that runs across multiple devices
• This designer tool takes care of coding letting you focus on the designing aspect
• Layer based web content authoring
• Full- featured applications like copy/paste, rulers, Photoshop PSD, Illustrator SVG import
• Drag and drop live web components like Facebook, Twitter, RSS into your multi-screen ads

How is it different from Google Web Designer?

Flite came up with unique features which might become industry standard for web design tools with time. The fact that they are slightly better than Google’s Web Designer makes it a real winner. Their software is completely web based hence the designs will work the same in the web as it will in the studio unlike Goggle’s Web Designer tool which is not web based as it requires you to download and install the software. The user interface of Flite’s design studio does not require any coding. Unlike the Google tool you can import files directly from Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator. You can also preview your ads across multiple devices. They are being competitive on costs as well by offering this free.

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Will designers accept this new tool?

The answer is a definite yes. If you have been using Google’s Web Designer then you will definitely find Design Studio to be simple and easy because the work-space looks pretty familiar to industry’s leading creative web design tools. The best part is that those who are good at designing but have no coding knowledge will also be able to use this tool to create amazing designs.