Technology In Latest Cars

Technology In Latest Cars

Technology In Latest Cars

With improvement in technology worldwide, the auto industry is coming up with latest advancements. These advancements are meant for entertainment, to improve safety, other specific usefulness or just for pure innovation. Most of these car technologies are purely built to improve safety or at least have an aim of improving technology. They are also intended for pure convenience. These technologies are so exciting. They have revolutionized human transportation and automotive industry in general.

Some of the latest car gadgets which have resulted due to advancement in technology include;

Night Vision which has pedestrian detection.

  • Though the Night Vision Assist has been there in the S-class right from 2005, this new system is able to pinpoint the pedestrians. It highlights them on a dashboard display.
  • BMW has the same system which has a pedestrian identifier which helps to show the direction in which the pedestrian is moving to.

The Rear-mounted radar.

  • The new radar technology is able to search for approaching cross traffics.
  • It always sounds an alarm in case it identifies traffic while you are backing up.
  • Minivans has Chrysler’s version. It is known as the Cross Path Detection System. It includes some visual indicators which are on the outboard mirrors.
  • In Fort`s system it is referred to as Cross Traffic Alert.

Emergency of Automatic High-Beam Control.

  • With the redesigned RX, Lexus provides a system which automatically illuminates and also dims the high-beam headlights in relations to the traffic which is approaching.
  • The rear-view mirror has a mounted camera which helps to detect when the car is closing in on oncoming traffic.
  • It also detects the cars which are ahead and traveling in the same direction and disengages the high-beams.
  • Mercedes-Benz improves this technology further with the introduction of Adaptive High-Beam Assist.

Invention of GPS Car Tracking.

  • GPS Car Tracking system assists to update the position the vehicle is in every 10 seconds.
  • This tracking device can also be moved from one vehicle to another.
  • In case the car`s preset speed is exceeded, this tracking system automatically alerts the parents who shares their vehicles with children. The alerts are through the parents cell phones.
  •  It also notifies parents when the vehicle enters or exits a given area.

Parental Control System.

  • Teen drivers normally over speed when give chance to drive.
  • They also play the car`s audio system at a high volume.
  • These have made parents to be afraid about the safety of their adolescence drivers. 
  • To solve this, a new technology has been invented which can enable parents to control the speed of the vehicle and the audio system volume.
  • This system is known as MyKey system.
  • It helps the parents to limit the volume of the car`s audio and the speed of the car. 
  • MyKey always limits the vehicle`s speed to 80 miles per hour.

The In-Car Internet.

  • System which allows surfing using modern mobile phones technology has been invented.
  • Autonet Mobile System is able to convert your car to be always a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Emergence of Cameras.

  • Cameras system which provides a view behind the car especially when the car is shifted into reverse has been invented.
  • It involves a number of cameras which helps to provide wide fields of view.

    In conclusion, Technology in Latest Cars is beneficial especially in dealing with safety issues. It is also important that drivers using these vehicles with latest gadgets are well trained and issued with a driving license. In case a driver needs to acquire a new or renew the old driving license, he or she can use the Dvla Telephone Number to contact the Dvla department for more information.

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