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Brother Printer with Ink Tank

The Brother brand, manufacturer of printing devices (printers and MFPs) and electronic labelers, represented exclusively in Tunisia by the company MIB, a subsidiary of Slama group, presented at the Computer Room, the Office and Information technology (IT SIB 2015), the new machine brother printer with ink tank DCP-T300.

MIB, a subsidiary of Slama Group, launched the new machine Brother DCP-T300 Ink Tank. The Exhibition for Computers, office automation and information technology (IT SIB), which was held at the fair exhibition Charguia in Tunis was the opportunity for the company MIB representing exclusive in Tunisia of the Brother MIB brand, manufacturer of printing devices (printers and MFPs) and electronic labelers, to present the Tunisian public the new printer Brother DCP-Ink Tank named T300. This machine, which provides simple functionality in use, as for most brand models, is equipped with an integrated tank system and refillable ink tanks of up to 12,000 pages, ideal for professional use or personal home.

Created in 1986, the MIB Company initially specialized in the distribution of IT and mobile products for consumers. Subsequently, it has built its business by turning to the industry. It now offers industrial solutions with industrial marketing systems, labeling, compressors and textile equipment.

MIB has 450 IT outlets and 500 points of sale mobile. It is the parent of 6 specialized companies, each in one area, namely: ITT Distribution, Distripro, Distripro Retail, Print Pro, NTC and App Id.

Printing high printing volumes at ultra-low cost

Dubbed Ink Tank DCP-T300, this new Brother Printer with Ink Tank offers single-use features, as for most brand models. It is equipped with an integrated tank system and refillable ink tanks of up to 12,000 pages, ideal for professional and personal use at home.

Part of the range Ink Benefit Plus, the DCP-T300 model allows printing of high volume printing with ultra low cost with these high-capacity ink tanks.

Ink Tank Brother DCP-T300 printer

Thus, the integrated tank system allows users to fill the ink tanks, instead of replacing the entire cartridge, bringing profitability in the product and a saving on the purchase of cartridge.

Indeed, bottles of ink that are used to fill the reservoirs are at lower prices than most cartridges, which generates lower costs for the user while still producing high quality prints. Thus, the user will save money with a cheaper ink and less risk of damage to the unit in case of repeated cartridge replacements.

Innovative products with high added value From Brother MIB

Note that the Brother MIB brand continues to innovate and thus puts the customer in the spotlight making sure he gets the most user-friendly experience when using high added value products, with a minimal effort to implement.

Recall that through its presence in the most important IT events, the Brother brand wishes to make known and promote its products, which expands and grows more and more by models with new technologies and performance, and to develop close relationships with its dealer network that continues to expand. For any type of help related to Brother MIB DCP-T300 call 24×7 at Brother Printer Technical Support Phone Number +1-888-989-8478.

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