How To Start A Business From Scratch On The Web: The 17 Rules You Need To Know.


Create a business from scratch can be easy if you know how.

In this article you’ll receive 17 tips from one of the largest em

Create a business from scratch can be easy if you know how.

In this article you’ll receive 17 tips from one of the largest employers in the web.


Not the usual discounted words, but real principles that have made the fortune of thousands of entrepreneurs in the world.

Ready? Here we go!

How To Start A Business: The example of Leo Babauta.

In 2007 Leo Babauta, easy teacher, decides to overturn his life. In spite of so many Americans choose to improve his way of life and the health of your body. So begins to run, play sports, meditate. Finally abandons all his bad habits.

To increase its motivational Leo decides to start a blog. He calls ZenHabits, and begins to write their goals, their findings, the results finalized.

It ‘a real success. In just one year the blog becomes the blog of personal growth most important in the world, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. In 2011 ZenHabits belongs to the top 10 most read blog on the planet with more than one million subscribers.

With the publication of his ebook and its courses fee Leo has become extremely rich, and so has funded many of the non-profit association dedicated to the health and sport.

Needless to say, Leo is now legend. Especially for those who have the desire to start a business online based on competences.

Who has the dream of creating an online business like that of Leo and earn simply by writing about their own passions? ;-)

Create a business: the advice of Leo Babauta

The 17 points that follow are the tips that Leo reported on zen habits, good read;-)

  1. Search opportunities. Open your eyes and get busy to figure out what could be the needs of the people and the possible solutions to their problems. How could you improve the lives of others? Which product or service you could give life to start your business online and create your own business?
  2. If you can not wait to start means that you have something good for your hands. Whenever I get the best ideas, I get super excited. I talk with people. I think the night. I can not sit for long dall’ecitazione.
  3. In small parts. People try to create a business and run it in the most grandiose possible. This is extremely wrong. In small parts that you can maybe try making your product or service to your friends and your family. Then foul test a few other people. Always remember that the best advertising is word of mouth and the satisfaction of your customers.
  4. The worst thing you can do is not to start. There is no failure worse than even try. If there’s one thing about the web is that many ideas are feasible without charge or with modest figures. Try is important, you will always have the opportunity to try again with a new idea in the future.
  5. Create a blog . The best way to advertise your business is to disseminate information and content for free. Show your willingness to bestow valuable content, helps people without asking anything in return, they return the favor.
  6. Do not do SEO, Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing. This kind of thing has no value for people.
  7. Rather generates value. Build something good, and word of mouth will do for itself the marketing part you need. Create articles and valuable content and your blog will not need SEO.
  8. Begin to learn. I started my online business with no money thanks to free or inexpensive. Only after realizing some gain I had the money to pay anything or hire someone. Start making money as soon as possible by selling an ebook, a service, a product that has a real value. Create a business should be instructive for you.
  9. Advertising is a bad business model. When you make money through banner advertising, what are you selling? The attention of your audience, nothing more, nothing less! This is a very bad thing, and the people following you will not appreciate it. Rather do what you can to delight your audience and make that purchase your product.
  10. Forget the numbers. More specifically, it simplifies your business and forgot to achieve certain goals or targets. One million page views, tens of thousands of members, half a million of revenues. Rather concerned about how much you’re helping your customers. How much value are you bringing him? How can you make them happier? Before creating a business you have to be aware that everything revolves around people.
  11. Happiness comes early. A lot of people kill themselves to achieve certain goals, or do a big launch. The joy comes not from the passing of a milestone, but by what you are doing to achieve it. Be happy right away even for small satisfactions. Make sure you do something you like, happiness will come by itself.
  12. Forget perfection. Too many people lose a lot of time trying to make your own product, blog, website, perfect launch. It will never be enough. The pursuit of perfection can limit your sales. Rather worried to try, ottendere feedback, improve and eventually repeat.
  13. Forget the business plan. Plan, how to perfect, no utility unless you aim to build a multinational. Business plans are based on information and long-term forecasts completely hypothetical. Rather you should experiment, analyze your feedback, and then do better. In creating a business is all about flexibility.
  14. Start from home and do it with your friends. You do not need to have an office in the most business. If you want to learn to run does not need to invest money in new shoes (they are just excuses) and to start a new business there is the need to rent an office and make investments of all kinds. It would be only a waste of money. Start with friends who share your same passions.
  15. Focused on the important things. Too often people focus only on analysis of statistics, social media and a lot of other factors that have little importance. Rather focused on creating a product or information that have a tangible value for people who follow you.
  16. Surround yourself with interesting people. Having friends who do fascinating things can give you a lot of inspiration. The same friends can give you great advice and feedback. The people around you, and their attitudes, are more than you think.
  17. Learn to be happy without knowing the future. You can not always predict what will happen in the business. The world is changing quickly, Your business will change. You yourself will change. As they say the great guru of meditation: “learn to live in the present and let the anxieties past or future.”
  18. ____________

This is it. I think these 17 simple tips Leo are incredibly helpful. If you happened to enter the world of business already for some time you will have noticed how these words are provided with clear and tangible value.

Even more important to me would welcome your advice, the result of your personal experiences. For this I invite you to leave the 18th council in the comments;-)

But I leave you my nineteenth advice:

19. There is no better game of business. If you have started a good activity, will agree with me that the business is the game that there is now more fun!

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