How to Protect Customers from Identity Theft

How to Protect Customers from Identity Theft


As a business owner, it can sometimes seem difficult to fend off all of the attacks of potential hackers that want to steal your customers’ account information. In addition to their records in your system, this data can also reveal valuable details that can allow the hacker to cause a great deal of stress and problems for your customers. Approximately 10 million people are victims of identity theft each year, which is why it is important to take the steps now to better protect your customers’ identity. Ensure that third parties that perform services for you agree to keep your information confidential. It is also important to secure your hardware in your business because fraudsters can attempt to access internal computers to steal data. Identity verification processes, such as security checks when a customer calls your business’ support team, helps gain confidence that you are dealing with the actual account holder and not an imposter. You can see more tips for protecting your consumers by reading the following infographic.

Created by Britni Zandbergen, Senior Director of Marketing at Idology. Britni has years of experience in identity management as well as dynamic SaaS solutions.

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