Everything That You Need to Know about Voice and Data Cabling


Proper utilization of the voice and data technology is integral to the success of any business in the modern world. The one thing you need to put this technology to proper use is the right kind of networking hardware. It goes without saying that without a good cabling system in place, your computer equipment is rendered useless. Installing Voice and data cables might seem like a lot of hassle but given the service, it provides to your business, it is a worthy investment. It is worth mentioning in this regard that when connectivity issues arise, it’s more commonly the fault of the infrastructure and cable rather than the network. So, here are a few tips on proper voice and data cabling to help your business run smoothly.

Proper Planning Is Important

People still fail to realize the importance of proper cabling on the running of a network. There have been several advancements in cabling in the past few years and the specs available now are higher than what you got a few years back. The new standard cables can support more than 1000 Mbps of data. Choose the cable with high specs as that will last longer and allow you to do more things with it.

The proper voice & data cabling is not just about meeting the needs of your business now. You need to ask yourself about what the needs are going to be in the next five years and plan the cabling accordingly. There is no point in re-cabling when your business expands. Make your business future proof by maximizing the lifespan of the network cables.

Save Money The Right Way

Many people want to save money by getting cheap cables without understanding the ramifications of hiring an electrician to run the cables. These can never turn out to be long-term solutions to the cabling requirements of your office.

A good cabling solution follows requirements and standards like proper network equipment like routers, firewalls, and switches with the right capabilities to support the setup if your cabling is done right. Many times the cabling had to be replaced based on the design only as the requirements of network or data were not met earlier. Thus, rather than spending more money, later on, it is best to save it earlier.

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Test The Infrastructure

It is best to check the infrastructure regularly and check the specs periodically to know if the cable is properly working. You need to make sure that the installers are professionally certified. You must request for the printout of test results to show that they are meeting the specs of the cable.

One of the major mistakes done by the installers is not checking the cables properly before installing them. Just plugging in and running does not get the job done. Tests must be run every eight to ten years at the minimum. Many companies offer installation warranty, and it is good to check if your installer is offering any such facility to you.

There are numerous issues like a kinked or bent cable that can stop the cables from giving you the optimum function. Often it is heard that though the cable is working, it is not working as it is supposed to work. So, make sure you keep the tips in mind right at the time of installation to avoid any issues later on.