DX Exchange: A new crypto exchanger with Nasdaq technology

Exchange DX

The cryptocurrency platform DX Exchange equipped with the engine of the stock market Nasdaq open next month for individuals and institutions in Europe.

The DX company based in Tallinn in Estonia will soon open a regulated service in Europe for the exchange but also the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency in fiat currency .

DX Exchange announces itself as a new generation exchange and its offer is quite original . The service does not charge fees but a subscription of 10 euros per month to trade on the platform.

DX CEO Daniel Skowronski tells FinanceMagnates :

“Cryptocurrency enthusiasts should not have to pay more than a small membership fee to trade digital currencies.”

He adds :

“The advantage of this partnership is triple, we have the brand’s popularity, technology and regulation with us.”

DX Exchange will be the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world to have the Nasdaq currency engine (widely used for other assets). Regarding regulations , Mr Skowronski explains that the Nasdaq is very strict and that the exchanger will meet the regulations and standards of the European Union .

The platform should offer 6 currencies at its opening such as Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin then add 20 new crypto-currencies in a second round.

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