Convert MP4 to MOV like a Walk in the Park

MOV is the in-house video file type for Apple devices that sometimes creates a fuss on Android as the latter doesn’t support MOV media files wholeheartedly.

So today, you are going to read a useful guide on the best MP4 to MOV converter ever.

How to Convert MP4 files to MOV Format?


You need a converter here which should work seamlessly throughout the conversion process. We took Movavi video converter to demonstrate this guide as it is the best in our eyes.


Follow the steps given below to know how the conversion process can be done.

Step 1: At first, you need to install the converter itself. Click here to download Movavi video converter.

Step 2: As for every other executable software setup, you need to install it. It can be done without sweating much using 2-3 minutes.

Step 3: Now, open the software (if you don’t see a desktop icon, you need to chase down the installed directory).

Step 4: On the upper left portion of the software window, you can easily spot an Add video button. Clicking on the same will open up a File browsing window.

Step 5: Here, you must browse and choose the MOV file you want to convert into MP4.

Step 6: The next step is selecting the file format. You can see two drop-down menus at the bottom. The first menu is what we are going to use right now. A single click on it will reveal the whole set of file formats.

You need to select MP4 from there. (There are a set of MP4 presets on the software. So you should choose the one that works the best for your device).

Step 7: Finally, press the Convert button placed on the right bottom part of the screen.

That’s all!  Pretty easy, huh?

After the conversion, the output folder will automatically be opened. And, you can change that setting under Preference section as well.

Spellbound by Movavi’s wide range of file formats and vivid presets, we couldn’t help ourselves from sharing these with you. We hope you found this useful.


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