HTC Exodus, a smartphone that takes advantage of the blockchain

HTC Blockchain phone
HTC Blockchain phone

Is the blockchain the technology that will allow HTC to jump on the smartphone market? Hard to believe, yet the brand intends to try the blow with its Exodus, whose contours have just emerged.

The HTC manufacturer launches a smart phone dedicated to blockchain encryption designed for users who want to secure their exchange of cryptocurrencies.

HTC has just evoked the Exodus, a new smartphone that will bet on the blockchain to differentiate. Its technology is essentially optimized to secure the transactions of an electronic wallet. Exclusive decentralized applications and hardware support for cryptocurrencies should be integrated with this Android smartphone. According to the Taiwanese manufacturer, building a native network on the principle of blockchain will turn each phone into a node of a network of purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. With such a concept, it's no wonder that HTC has planned to let its customers pay this smartphone model in cryptocurrency. On the other hand, no price has been announced. The technical sheet is also still for absent subscribers.

HTC Exodus

The HTC Exodus , the new Android smartphone "  dedicated to decentralized applications and security  ", can now be booked online. But we do not know yet when will begin its effective marketing. Book what exactly? It seems that the main interest of this phone is to provide support for decentralized applications (DApps), including a hardware system managing cryptocurrencies and direct exchange between peers and no commission. Basically, it's about boycotting the cloud and providing "neutral" technology.

The Taiwanese giant has yet to reveal anything about the phone regarding the appearance, display or features of the camera. However, these are not the main interests of people who are primarily interested in cryptocurrencies. Phil Chen, creator of HTC Vive and now director of the decentralization department of the company, explains in an interview with the Cryptovest website that he considers the new trend of "  consciousness data  " as "an  excellent opportunity to allow the user to begin to reclaim his digital identity  .

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