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What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

INTRODUCTION TO BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY Everyone has heard about blockchain, yet very few people can explain how it works;) Here is the blockchain tutorial if you...

General Electric Chooses The Blockchain To Validate Its 3D Parts

General Electric, very involved in the development of additive manufacturing through its subsidiary GE Additive, has filed a patent concerning the use of the blockchain to certify the origin and quality of its 3D printed parts.

HTC Exodus, a smartphone that takes advantage of the blockchain

Is the blockchain the technology that will allow HTC to jump on the smartphone market? Hard to believe, yet the brand intends to try the...

New Cryptocurrency Mining Virus Spreads Through Facebook

If you receive a link to a video, although it sounds exciting, sent by someone (or your friend) on Facebook Messenger - click on...

Supinfo Raises Awareness About Blockchain Technology

Raise awareness among students and professionals about the stakes and the role of blockchain technology in our region. With this in mind, the SupInfo Morocco...


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