Best Android Apps of 2013 That You Might Have Missed



Smartphones and apps are an integral part of our lives now. We use messaging apps such as Line or WhatsApp and productivity apps like Evernote daily. This summer, the official Android app store crossed the twin thresholds of a million apps and 50 billion downloads. Navigating this bustling metropolis of apps can be a little difficult if we look beyond the most popular apps which we know by name. That is why we’ve created this handy list to help you find some the best android apps you might have missed:

1. Google Goggles – It is not an app to get your regular search results. Once this free app is launched all you have to do is point the camera towards something that caught your eye and click a picture, if it is present in Google’s database then you will get all the information you need about it.

2. CamScanner – Marketed as phone PDF creator, this free app lets you scan, sync, edit, and share your contents. You can scan any document using your smartphone camera and edit, add tag, enhance the quality of the scanned document. That’s not all, you can go to their website to share the document, which makes it perfect for professional use.

3. Tasker This is truly a multipurpose app from child safety app locking to waking up to your favorite song, you can set things like never before including louder rings to auto brightness. You can do it all using this $1.99 app.

4. SwiftKey Keyboard – Your keypad will become smarter with this $3.99 app. This app can actually predict what you may want to type next and bring up suggestions accordingly. The best part is that it is available in 60 languages, so language will definitely not be a barrier should you decide to use it.

5. Fingerprint Scanner – Now Android users won’t be missing out on fingerprint scanner after all. Presenting the Fingerprint Scanner Lock Screen, that lets you lock and unlock your phone just like the iPhone 5S. This is one of the latest and best Android apps which captured imagination of many recently.

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6. Manilla – Now it’s easy to manage your bills, finances, and travel rewards. With Manilla by your side you will never miss a date as it sets automatic reminders. It lets you manage different types of accounts from your cable bills to your credit card bills every kind of bill will be managed.

7. JuiceDefender – This amazing app disables the data connection automatically when your phone battery runs low. They have paid versions but the free version works pretty well too.

8. Sprout Social – This is the companion app for Sprout Social. Now you will be able to manage social feeds from this application. From assigning tasks to brand monitoring this free app can do it all.

9. Robin – If Siri had a sister she would be called Robin. Yes! Robin does it to Android what Siri does to iOS from reminding you about important meetings to GPS navigation this app is your perfect partner.

10. Flipboard – If you want to create a magazine that only consists of stories that you like then this app is for you. You can arrange all your favorite topic in a graphical magazine like style and read it whenever you feel like. This app is fast rising as one of the best Android apps in the news and magazines category.

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