Iphone Streaming: App for Streaming Movies on iphone

streaming movies on iphone

Another list of streaming applications that will allow you this time to watch movies and series streaming on your Iphone. More simple and convenient, just install one of them on your Iphone or Ipad to enjoy thousands of free streaming movies and series .

we have selected some very useful apps for you. These iphone streaming apps not only allow you to watch streaming movies, but also shows and documentaries. So you can easily switch between a movie streaming, a series, a documentary or a free TV show. Very convenient for traveling and also for dealing in the metro.

These App for Streaming Movies on iphone offer almost the same content as those found on the best streaming sites. Thus, we will naturally find the most popular iphone streaming movie categories. So the most obvious ones are Romance, Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror, Action, Drama, Thriller, Documentary, Family. In addition, many other categories of movies are available streaming iphone.

The 10 best App for Streaming Movies on iphone.

IMDb Movies & TV | iphone streaming

IMDb Films & TV
Developer: IMDb

Price: Free

IMDb Movies & TV ScreenshotIMDb Movies & TV ScreenshotIMDb Movies & TV ScreenshotIMDb Movies & TV Screenshot

This application sreaming iphone is simply the cream of the crop! Indeed, IMDb Films & TV is the largest database of series and movies streaming from all over the web. Watch the most popular movies and series, the most unreleased as well as the celebrity news. IMDb Films & TV are documentaries, TV shows, movies and series and much more.

Live TV | best iphone streaming in FR.

Live TV
Live TV
Developer: Yohan Gouiran
Price: Free

Live TV ScreenshotLive TV Screenshot


the Live TV streaming application brings all of France’s favorite TV channels to your mobile. In addition, a variety of webtv channels are also available via Live TV. A panoply of chain is there. However, it is impossible for users to add their favorite channels.

Molotov – Live TV, replay

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As its slogan says, Molotov is all about tv in an iPhone app. This app gives access to more than 35 TV channels. Its replay feature makes it possible to follow already diffused programs and thus to catch up. In addition, you can with streaming molotov record programs to watch them later.

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Netflix | Streaming for iphone.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.

Price: Free +

Netflix ScreenshotNetflix ScreenshotNetflix ScreenshotNetflix ScreenshotNetflix ScreenshotNetflix Screenshot


Netflix here is the application offered by the popular streaming platform of the same name netflix. It opens doors to thousands of series, documentaries and movies in streaming. In addition, as on the official streaming site, iphone streaming application offers a catalog vary enough for everyone to find his account.

One of the strengths of the application is that it offers a space entirely dedicated to Children. Thus the content to which they have access is strongly controlled and censored if necessary.

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PlayVOD – Movies streaming iphone

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An application made for all! A real tidy everything. PlayVOD is an application that offers content of all kinds. So you will find thousands of free streaming movies and download as part of the PlayVOD Pass. In addition, an “à la carte” catalog offers the latest releases in cinema at the price of 4.99 € / film.

Viki: Asian series & films | iphone 4 streaming

Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies
Developer: ViKi Inc.

Price: Free +

Viki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies ScreenshotViki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies ScreenshotViki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies ScreenshotViki: Asian TV Dramas & Movies Screenshot

Viki is the iphone streaming application that offers an exclusively Asian content. Films and series made in Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand. In addition, an opportunity for new adventures are offered by Viki through its thousands of documentaries and free TV shows.

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Crunchyroll | Top Manga streaming iphone.

Developer: Ellation, Inc.

Price: Free +

Crunchyroll screenshotCrunchyroll screenshotCrunchyroll screenshotCrunchyroll screenshot


Crunchyroll is a special iphone streaming application. Available on IPhone and Android this app allows you to watch specially cartoons. Thus you will have thanks to Crunchyroll all the most recent manga and animes to your port in a catalog of more 5 0000 manga. So, start watching your manga su Crunchyroll to support anime creators.

PlayerXtreme Media Player | iphone streaming

PlayerXtreme Media Player
PlayerXtreme Media Player
Developer: Xtreme Media Works

Price: Free +

PlayerXtreme Media Player ScreenshotPlayerXtreme Media Player ScreenshotPlayerXtreme Media Player Screenshot

This Iphone streaming app is one of the most comprehensive. It allows you to watch streaming movies that normally could not be read on your iphone or ipad. You will find streaming of all genres and all tastes. The streaming movie app lets you transfer and watch your movies on Iphone or Ipad without conversion.

In addition, Player Xtreme offers the possibility to set a password to protect your library of streaming movies.

JustWatch: Movies and Series

JustWatch - Filme & Serien

JustWatch - Filme & Serien ScreenshotJustWatch - Filme & Serien ScreenshotJustWatch - Filme & Serien Screenshot

The fetish streaming app for users of streaming services such as -netflix and Amazon Prime Video. To be on the lookout for all the latest releases and all the programs one action is to be done; install “JustWatch: Movies and Series” and it will do the rest for you. For this fact, JustWatch allows you to check the availability of a movie or series that you want to watch in the catalogs of more than 16 French VoD and SVoD platforms. Thus, you will have the catalogs of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video France, myTF1 VoD, Canal Play and SixPlay at hand.

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Iphone Streaming: Conclusion.

All moviegoers will find his account in this top streaming iphone application. Whether you are a fan of movies, series or rather documentaries, here you have what you need.