5 Free Apps to Track and Manage Web Series on Android, iPhone and iPad


The editorial staff of entrepreneuryork.com has selected five of the best free apps designed to manage your favorite TV shows from your Android device, iPhone or iPad.

Original creation, adaptation of a film, remake or reboot, the TV series has grown considerably in recent years. In 2016, the United States knew a peak of 455 series broadcasting a new season online or on television. This craze has spread widely across the Atlantic and many are following more than three or four shows at a time. This is partly explained by the proliferation of video-on-demand and streaming platforms. To help the series to keep the account and not get lost in the dates of broadcast episodes, Telecharger.com has selected five free applications to track and manage its series on Android, iPhone and iPad .

TV Time

It’s a French app that we can be proud of. TV Time (formerly TVShow Time ) has nothing to envy to its competitors, and especially not in terms of features. Its intuitive interface allows you to navigate between the calendar of the series followed, the episodes to see, the news flow and the information of the user profile. The integrated search engine finds the most confidential contents of which one checks the episodes seen during the reading. Each episode outing is notified instantly of its availability and delivery platform.

Although TV Time has the basic features expected of a Series Manager, it’s all its little extra extras that make it an application above the rest. You can personalize your profile and access those of your friends. The community plays an important role here because we can react to the episodes and interact with other seriesvores by comments or private messages.

Android apps

TV Time offers its users a personalized recommendation module based on their gender and scenario tastes. An undeniable added value that ends hours of research in quests of the next series to watch. Finally, we appreciate the existence of a widget displaying the diary of releases and episodes to see on the homepage.

The +:
+ Diary of the outings and notifications signaling the availability of a new episode 
+ Possibility of checking the episodes seen to not lose the thread 
+ Statistics on the time spent in series 
+ Module of personalized recommendations 
+ Widget displaying the agenda and the episodes to see on the home page

The -:
– No sync possible with Trakt.tv

TV Show Tracker

TV Show Tracker connects to an existing Trakt account to synchronize already existing user data. The operation of the application is intuitive, sharing its homepage between the series tracked, the schedule of broadcasts and episodes recently viewed.

Each series listed by TV Show Tracker has a complete fact sheet. Listed in detail are the number of available seasons with the possibility of checking the episodes already seen, the schedule of upcoming broadcasts, news in French having a direct or indirect relationship with the show, comments left by the community Trakt and news characteristics of the series (summary, distribution, trailer, extended film crew).

Android apps

The real strength of TV Show Tracker lies in its module of personalized suggestions. Depending on the contents followed and the tastes of the user, the application makes about twenty recommendations rather relevant. By selecting a title among those offered, it is possible to access additional information, add it to the list of series to see or automatically remove the future viewing tips. In a more impersonal way, we also find a ranking of popular series of the moment.

TV Show Tracker finally facilitates the organization of series to see, in progress or completed thanks to the creation of personalized lists. Free to the user to regroup his contents in different categories configured by his care.

The +:
+ Connection to an existing Trakt.tv account, content synchronization 
+ Ability to check episodes seen to not lose the wire 
+ Diary outputs and notifications signaling the availability of a new episode 
+ Customized and customizable recommendations module 
+ Ability to create custom content lists 
+ Widget displaying the agenda and episodes to see on the home page

The -:
– Aesthetically perfectible


SeriesGuide incorporates most of the essential features found in its competitors. A precise integrated search engine offers access to a large number of titles, whether you are expressing your requests in French or in English. You can organize the different content according to those already viewed, and those you book for later.

Android apps

In order not to lose the thread among the fifteen or so series that you follow at the same time, you check the episodes or the seasons already seen and know exactly where to take the next time. An agenda keeps you informed in real time of upcoming revisions and releases. There is even a recommendation module that deserves further refinement of the suggestions based on what you are looking at. And for a foolproof organization, you can create as many lists as you want, grouping your favorite shows by theme, actors, showrunner, years, etc.

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SeriesGuide also offers some unique options like the ability to connect to your Trakt profile to import your lists and data automatically. Since Trakt is not a prerequisite for this function, the application imports your information from backup files stored on your device. You do not have to manually re-enter anything when you switch from a competitor to SeriesGuide . Paid account owners can even store their configuration on the app’s cloud and find it wherever they are. Finally, we appreciate the offline access which, thanks to the pre-loading of the data, allows everyone to consult his series and mark them as views despite the absence of an Internet network. 

The +:
+ Works offline 
+ Imports the data automatically from a Trakt account or a backup file 
+ Organization of your contents by lists 
+ Intuitive navigation and handling 
+ Widget

The -:
– Summary recommendations

TV series

Unlike SeriesGuide, cloud access is free on TV Series , provided you create a user profile. This formality also opens a significant number of perspectives for who uses the application since you can associate your Trakt account and automatically import the data relating to your favorite series.

Android apps

TV Series offers overall features identical to those of other television series management services. Nevertheless, the application stands out for its comprehensive and well-developed suggestions module. It is possible to be recommended new titles according to current trends, your tastes, news, the most commented shows. Search by title or genre is also possible. To keep up to date with the latest news, Séries TV gives you access to a general news feed that you can refine according to your collection.

Of course, Séries TV also has essential options, such as the broadcast schedule, detailed statistics on your user profile, the ability to check the episodes and seasons already viewed, the organization of your content in personalized lists, or the social dimension. which allows you to comment, rate and exchange with other serializers.

The +:
+ Detailed and relevant personalized recommendation module 
+ Offline access 
+ Import of backups from Trakt or other files stored on the device 
+ Widgets 
+ Free access to the cloud

The -:


JustWatch is a special solution because it allows its users not to index each episode viewed, but to add titles in a list of series to watch, as well as to find a platform for streaming or buying where get the show.

Android apps

An integrated search engine makes it easy to add series to the WatchList, series that you can get by episode or season. All proposed solutions are legal, and include recognized platforms such as Netflix, OCS, Canal Play, Microsoft Store, iTunes or even Google Play Movie depending on the services to which you subscribe. You can sort the results of your search by year of release, genre, price and rating. An interesting tab groups the contents in promotion and indicates the platform on which to find them.

JustWatch is available as a guest, but you can also create a user account to synchronize all of your data across multiple devices.

The +:
+ Legal offer to buy or watch streaming content 
+ List the specials of the moment 
+ Ability to establish a list of series to see 
+ Synchronization on your different devices

The -:
– No possibility to mark episodes as seen 
– Filter bar too busy and not very ergonomic


With its fully customizable display, intuitive navigation, full functionality and advanced recommendations module, TV Series fares well in the game. We appreciate the freedom of organization offered by the application, as well as the ability to work with data backups, both in terms of online storage and import and export.

TV series is available on Android only. Owners of iPhone and iPad can fall back on TV Time which follow-up options and getting started seriously follow those proposed by TV series .