The 10 Best Franchises of 2014


Have you ever looked at a booming business and thought to yourself, “What have they got that I don’t? What secrets do they know that I should know, too?” Sometimes the best way to train yourself for success is to learn from the best. These ten franchises are the cream of the crop, according to Entrepreneur.


Ever heard of 7-Eleven? Of course you have; everybody has. 7-Eleven isn’t just your run-of-the-mill convenience store anymore. Now you can get a well-rounded lunch and buy any of their several branded products, for starters. The best part about the franchise is that even though they’re super popular, their products are still affordable.

Anytime Fitness

Just like the name implies, Anytime Fitness is open around-the-clock, which is excellent for insomniacs and people who work odd hours. Plus, staff members are extremely enthusiastic, probably because they’re treated so well – or maybe it’s just those endorphins from working out all the time.


Denny’s did it right when they started offering customized meals, like build your own omelets. They also now have new coffee blends. Oh, and who doesn’t like a diner that has a maple bacon sundae on the menu?

Dunkin’ Donuts

Once upon a time, people walked the streets without a coffee cup in their hand. Today, sipping joe has become trendier than coffee companies could’ve ever imagined. In the past, Dunkin’ Donuts appealed to early risers, but now they cater to any customer and any time of day (or night).

Hampton Hotels

Known for being friendly and clean, Hampton Hotels are also extremely affordable, which was especially helpful to customers during the economic crash. Now, the brand is taking their hospitality overseas, too.

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches revamped their franchise model, which seems to be working out. The chain doesn’t offer coupons or discounts, but they do consistently provide quality products, which seems to be more than enough. Plus, they prepare their sandwiches and sides (cookies, pickles and chips) faster than fast, all with a happy attitude.

Pizza Hut

One thing that Pizza Hut loves to do is experiment – chewy crusts stuffed with oozing cheese, pizza sliders, flatbreads… Consumers can always expect something new and creative from the company, which keeps things fresh and exciting. Last year proved to be the most creative for the chain, probably because they were celebrating their 55th year in business. On top of all that, Pizza Hut offers the one thing that goes with pizza like nothing else: wings.

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It’s not a secret that a restoration company that responds to disasters is invaluable. How did Servpro climb to the top of the list, though? One way is by tapping into the Internet marketing niche. The company has an app that other franchises can use to track the drying and restoration process. Servpro is also a sponsor of the Ready Rating program from the Red Cross, which shows people how to prep for local disasters.


When Subway surpassed 40,000 stores in August of 2013, they became the largest restaurant chain in the world. Chew on that. They don’t seem to be slowing down, either, especially since they’ve recently edged their way into the breakfast market. Plus, Subway has stores in places you wouldn’t expect, like college campuses, airports and even healthcare facilities.


Supercuts may be the butt of jokes in melodramatic teen movies, but they’re laughing all the way to the bank. Ever since they rebuilt their franchising program, the company’s been doing better than ever. Supercuts brought in new execs and changed the way they recruited employees, which breathed new life into the brand.