How to Start a Travel Agency Business in Australia


Many people around the world have the urgency to travel. Which means that the travel industry is very big and if one wants to launch a travel agency this is the time to do it? In today’s world a travel agency does extensive array time-saving services to corporate clients, individuals and even groups. If you intend to start travel business in Australia it would be wise to have all the requirements in plan.

There are a number of things one should do to start a travel agency.

  • Check local guidelines

Check state lines and what the local guidelines say about a travel agency. This means that there are some legal aspects that should be filled so that the travel agency is recognized as a business in the country. You therefore need to have a basic understanding of the Australian law.

  • Do research

Do research on the particular type of business travel agency you want to get involved with. There are different types of travel agency businesses:

  1. Home based travel agency

This is where one can work from the comfort of your own home, as all one needs is an internet and the home based agents, given the command by their customers can book flights, in liaison with the airlines, book vacation areas and accommodations for the customers. Independent contractors-working at your own free time ,with the exception of having an office where one can meet the clients and having a personal clients list as there is high probability a client can walk through their door anytime.

  1. Specialty/niche travel agency

This is where the travel agency focuses on a particular group, tailoring the packages to the interest of the groups, e.g. cruises or just mountain climbing.

  1. Corporate travel

This is where the agency focuses on corporate associations and work with such travel agents especially on end of year vacations or business trips as one can cash in a lot without having to work the whole year round.

  • Write a business plan

This will help to getting funding from investors as it shows focus and a solid foundation. In addition the business plan will give you the overall overheads and the expenses that the business is willing to incur based on the type of travel agency business they have decided to work with.

  • Specialist /focus areas of the travel agency
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When starting a travel agency business there are a number of core areas that should be decided on when one wants to start a travel agency whether the business will be handling the whole planning trip of the client first from obtaining the Australian visa to what they are going to eat for dinner or is it going to focus on only a number of services and leave the client to plan the rest by themselves.

Is it going to refer its clients to bigger travel agencies? Join societies and organizations for travel agents. This usually helps as the business will get exposure to more clients as it will have an opportunity to market itself. Join as many as possible especially government controlled once as this will shield the business from potential harm as it gets first-hand information from them.

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