How To Kick Start An Online Business With Little Investment?



When the idea of a job comes in my mind it is always followed with a vivid image of slavery. I do not know why it is always like that but working under someone might prove to be a restriction in many ways. Furthermore, if you are well educated, why should you serve someone after all those years of study? Such questions were the nudging thoughts in my mind which led me to start my own business and assisted me in prospering in almost all my ventures.

So, how can you kick start an online business? Following are some of the pointers that should be given due consideration.

A Unique Approach

Business starts up really slow in some areas, especially if there is a tough competition in the market. It is usually about your approach to a particular field of business which leads you to either healthy profits or heavy losses. I, like always was short of money but it never kept me from starting my own business. I adopted the trending approach which many of my competitors were reluctant to embrace. Of all the options in the market I chose an online store in contrast to a brick and mortar business.

The Online Shop

I noticed that most of the people considered it a great fatigue to travel to the market to buy things. So I started an online store and began my business of Clothing and Apparel. Setting up a website was really economical and making it interesting was easy thanks to all the years of hard work at the university. I was exempted from the money required to buy a shop in the market and was very happy about it.

The Stock and Storage

The next question was the stock and storage. That was a big issue as I didn’t have any money to buy excess stock or to rent a ware house. I was operating from home and I couldn’t buy and keep all my merchandise in my room. Thus I searched on the internet and stumbled upon an idea that the websites like Wholesale Pages help in getting a drop shipper; a service that made everything easy for me. The drop shipper had his own stocks and warehouse and all I needed to do was to forward him the orders and he would deliver them. (Delivery charges are usually born by the client)

More Customers

The business was already adrift, so I had the desire to gain more customers. I had the option of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for my online store, but I already loved being a trout in the river, thus I decided to move against the trend. I went for a call centre managed to get one in a third world country which was immensely cheap. The agents were really enthusiastic and within a month my online sales tripled. My drop shipper gave me further discounts as I persuaded him due to the escalating orders. The profits were being divided among three parties now. The drop shipper and the call centre being the other two. My profit per sale was no doubt lowered but the sales had increased manifold so the overall profit was really good.

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Customers Queries

The business was booming and the word was getting around (thanks to a few extra lines in the call centre agent’s scripts). I wanted to make my online business more trustworthy. I wanted to get close to my customers and to get their feedback so that I could enjoy customer retention. I started a ‘complaint section’ on my website to know the problems faced by my customers. Knowing their problems provided me a horizon to further amend my ways of working. It was an absolute success! The customer retention of my business was immense and soon a single customer was buying almost three to four products at an average. It was all really well because I was only operating from home and everything was just a phone call away.


From my experience, I realised that nothing was impossible and starting a business was really easy. All it required was a bit of a backbone and courage to take risk and try something new. I took a risk and I got paid. So what is it going to be for you?

Julie Robert is a marketing analyst and loves to write on different topics related to business, property and travel.