5 Steps to Take and Not Fail in The Attempt


80% of micro closed during the first two years of life. Know what are the keys that can make your company are the exception.

The golden dream of entrepreneurs can become nightmare to face the unique challenges of the operation. However, the advice of other entrepreneurs can change the history of the new business.

That idea prompted Alfredo Achar Tussie, founder of Comex, to create ProEmpleo in 1995. Since that time, the organization has to advise and train people interested in launching new business ventures.

To date, over 70,000 people have benefited from the courses offered this civil organization throughout Mexico, from their fixed locations and mobile centers. The balance are 25,000 businesses started or improved, and the generation of 74,000 jobs.

While 80% of micro does not exceed the first two years of life, according to data from the Ministry of Economy, 86% of enterprises advised by ProEmpleo overcome this temporarily.

“In school they teach you how to do the job, your profession, but do not teach you how much to charge, then that’s what we do have to learn,” says Yemi Zonana, director of ProEmpleo.

If you are interested in launching your own business and make it last, the director of ProEmpleo gives you 5 basic steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur without the risk of failing in the attempt:

1. Make a business plan: The simple desire to start a business is not sufficient to undertake argument. Each business project requires a route to take you to a safe harbor.

“You can not start a business or improve it if you have a business plan,” says Zonana.

The recommendation is to develop a document that you establish a market analysis where you compete, which should take into account the position of the competition as well as a map of legal and tax issues that you must fulfill.

Yemi Zonana is very clear in this regard: “We must draw a goal with clear objectives, and if there is not to have lost.”

2. Undertakes to innovate: Companies must offer innovative products and services, ie they reach the public multiple unconventional ways within the market.

“I remember a dry cleaner offering their services free of charge to all those who were to use their garments to show up at a job interview … that’s one way to innovate in the service,” says Yemi Zonana.

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3. Become a competitive entrepreneur: An entrepreneur must ensure competitive bidding that differs from its competitors.

The differentiation can be diverse, but the main may lie in costs and quality they offer.

In this regard, the main recommendation of the director of ProEmpleo lies in taking into account the offer of competitors and seek differentiation.

“Sometimes we can have the hope to rent a room, because it is the best local and want to put something we do not know the cost of the product or service and anything else we will lose our money, our resources or our family” Zonana says.

4. Take the Lead: The entrepreneur must be a responsible person to provide such employees, as well as other companies.

Elements such as punctuality and humane treatment, are part of the basic elements to achieve compliance with that leadership starts.

5. Get the key to perseverance: He who perseveres reaches’ is a phrase that comes a greater sense at this point. Faced with the challenges faced by Mexican entrepreneurs, the best antidote is to persevere.

“When you’re an entrepreneur you get to open, close, sweeping, buy, sell, and at first you have to be around,” says the director of ProEmpleo.

Currently, the model ProEmpleo has offices in Aguascalientes, Chihuahua, Federal District, Morelos, State of Mexico, to name a few states, plus also have come to Cuba, while soon also come to New York in the United States.

Yemi Zonana knows that despite routes that can trace, there are challenges that can always modify the map, but not the point of arrival, “Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but I think it is the future of our country.”