Tired of 9-6? Tired accountable to your superior? With minimal investment and raring you can that may change today, here’s how. 

Only those who have money, special skills and a lot of luck can start a successful business, right?

No. The fact is that there are thousands of companies waiting to be incubated and do not require lots of money or college degrees. We are not talking about the next Google, Microsoft or General Electric, but the business that generates respectable profits. Better yet, you can leave those gray walls of your cubicle and be your own boss.

To gather some ideas, we teamed with Adams Business (a unit of F + W Media), editor The Start Your Own Business Bible. The book contains 501 “new businesses that can start today, each with its own analysis, including the initial funding required (as little as 6,000 pesos in some cases), a general description of the product or service, the typical structure of earnings, equipment initial necessary, hidden costs, operating and to give budding entrepreneurs an idea of what they’re getting into “advice.

Here are 20 of the most attractive and easy business to start, covering a wide range of industries, customer segments and needs initial funding. Some are more peculiar than others, and all are within reach of anyone with a healthy supply of common sense and determination. And, yes, luck always helps.


Description: With the unemployment rate above 5%, there is a large market of people who cry out for help. Hand them by organizing a series of small events in the evening at a local hotel and publications regularly. It offers snacks and a microphone, and then let people mix. Income: Cobra a fee per ticket. It offers discounts to those who leave their business card so you can develop a mailing list. Tools: phone, computer, software database. Tip: Works well in a metropolitan area where they can hold several events for a month in different locations. hidden costs: rental and rental insurance.

Internet Research

Description: Surf the Internet every day. Why not charge for it? Cost: ~3 to ~10 $$ per hour to start. Increase your hourly rate as better your reputation. Tools of the Trade: Computer and internet access high speed… Tip: focus on one or two types of information so that you can achieve significant results quickly hidden costs: marketing efforts initials.

Removal of Graffiti

Description: Find the owner of the property and carve the surface. Price: Between 1,500 and 3,000 pesos for work. For longer jobs, 500 pesos per hour is a reasonable fee. Tools required. Cleaning chemicals, brushes and possibly a cleaning water pressure Tip: working with harmful chemicals, so be careful. Hidden Costs: A vehicle to transport the equipment to the workplace.

Virtual Assistant

Description: Do you have strong organizational skills and time management? You can make good money doing everything, how to create a database of clients/patients. Fees: between 200 and 350 pesos per hour or per project. Tools: computer, high-speed internet, fax/printer, scanner, and office software. Tip: Put your programming parameters clear from the start and keep a careful record of your time, if you’re wondering about how you’re using. hidden costs: telephone charges.

Packer Gifts for Patients

Description: This is a slightly more specialized version of the business gift basket. Create your market localizing hospitals, extended care facilities, and religious groups. Prices. 250-750 pesos per basketTools: decorative baskets, boxes, glue gun, wrapping machine, filler, battens. As for the contents of the basket, looking for dealers selling only to other suppliers, you could save up to 40% compared to a retail store. Tip: If you have a truck you can add a delivery cost of your orders and generate additional revenue. hidden costs: Insurance and payment to the dealer.

Automotive Promoter Exchange

Description: exchange automotive meetings are those where buyers and sellers meet to buy and/or sell vehicles and second-hand parts. As a developer, you must offer a parking lot or a department store for those looking to exchange or sell their cars or parts. Cost: 350 pesos entry for participants; 50 pesos admission fee for visitors. Tools. Parking or warehouse Tip: Make promotion to spread the word. “Also, consider using online bills of sale for you and your clients’ protection. Hidden costs: Liability insurance.

Career Counselor

Description: Start with a personality assessment and then works with the customer to recommend a career related to their motivations and interests Cost: 850 to 2,000 pesos for your services, or about 350 pesos per session. Tools of the trade: computer, Internet access, fax/printer, and office software. Books and DVDs on career planning. Tip: Build your credibility by offering seminars on a career change and writes a blog focused on careers. Hidden Costs: Building a professional website.

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Mobile Document Destruction

Description: Given the number of horror stories of identity theft, it is vital for companies to destroy all documents containing sensitive information. You can save time and trouble by appearing in place with your shredding machines on a regular schedule to perform this task necessary but tedious. Cost: from 600 to 1,000 pesos per visit. Tools: a truck, at least one crusher. High resistance and a backup machine, and a good amount of plastic bags high resistance to transport waste Tip: induces terror in your customers by providing examples of what happens when confidential documents fall into the wrong hands. hidden costs: maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipment.

Pet Taxi Service

Description: What makes Fido when you have to go to the vet and your best friend can not wear? This business offers a solution for those families where they all work, love their pets and have above-average incomes. Prices: Between 300 and 500 pesos for transportation one way (payment varies depending on the distance traveled, the size of the pet and the number of animals per owner) Tools: cages transportation and a vehicle large enough to accommodate several animals at a time. Tip: you better like animals. hidden costs: Equipment cleaning to clean up what they leave pets in the vehicle.

Home for the Elderly

Description: The opening of your own home for elderly people who do not want to live alone can be a profitable business if you do not require the level of care offered by either assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Fees: Monthly rent of between 5,000 and 10,000 per customer, depending on the facilities and geographic location Tools: One or more bedrooms accessible, adequate furniture, bathroom with special railings, dining area, efficient kitchen. Tip: Check the laws in the matter before spending a penny. hidden costs: Insurance, food (many residents may have special dietary needs), home modifications.

Babysitting Service

Description: Place nannies with families who need their services. Cost: 70 to 200 pesos per hour per child or weekly / monthly rates of between 3,000 and 8,000 pesos. Tools: Office and promotional materials. Tip: Aim to large metropolitan areas where it is more likely to reside with double income couples. hidden costs: liability insurance and expenses for staff, health benefits, and social welfare.

Health centers / Fitness Enterprise

Description: According to UN figures, one-third of Mexicans are obese. You can develop and manage fitness centers for businesses at a competitive price. Fees: monthly deposits of 35.000 to 60.000 pesos per project. Tools: Even if the company provides the space, equipment involve considerable expense. Tip: Hire friendly coaches and competent. hidden costs: insurance, equipment maintenance.

These businesses require more than $ 40,000 in startup costs

Temporary Employment Agency

Description: People need work, even temporary. Your job is to match those candidates with the right jobs while you warrant that all are trained and are able to respond immediately to the call Cost: Varies depending on the position. Tools: Four to six computers with printers for testing purposes, and as an office computer with Internet access and billing software. Tip: Focus on a niche market such as health care, communications, or technicians or engineers. Build a brand in a given area and safe return customers. Hidden costs: a comprehensive employee benefit plan.

Messenger Service

Description: Well, explain yourself. Price: 300-500 pesos per delivery (add an extra charge for express delivery). Tools: Fleet vehicles or bicycles Tip: Consider paying bonuses to your fastest employees. hidden costs: medical bills (this is a high – risk profession, especially for cyclists in large metropolitan areas).

Pinball / Video Game Machines

Description: You need not even own premises because many shopping centers rent space for games like these. Fees: From 3 to 10 pesos per game. Tools: pinball/arcade and coin-operated machine or change. Tip: Buy used equipment if possible, provided they are not too old. hidden costs: Maintenance.

Consignment (Retail)

Description: Buy used clothing and other products, clean them and sell them in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Cost: Depends on the material. Tools: A local, shelves, boxes processing equipment credit cards, cash register. And probably a Web site. Tip: bargain hunters like to hunt, so do not be afraid to place a store near the competition.


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