What To Do When Yelp Is Killing Your Business


By now, every business has heard of Yelp, the online review site that allows customers to leave comments and rate their experience at establishments they’ve visited.

As a business, it’s important that you closely monitor your Yelp account and know that a negative Yelp page can have a major impact on the success of your business. Customers are going to use the information they find on your Yelp page and use it to determine if they want to visit your establishment, and if the reviews are negative, you can be sure these customers will go elsewhere.

So what exactly are you supposed to do if Yelp is killing your business?

Update your profile.

If your Yelp profile is outdated, it could be hurting your business. Make sure that you claim your business page so that you have complete control over what is posted on your profile, and make sure you update it regularly. Ensure your hours, contact information and any other pertinent information is correct. This way, your visitors will be receiving accurate information.

Respond to the negative reviews.

A negative review can hurt your business, but a negative review left unanswered will hurt it even more. Make sure that you are paying attention to the reviews that are left and responding to them, no matter if they’re good or bad. Responding to the negative reviews will help to calm down the upset customer and show other visitors that you care enough about the review to respond. This may make the upset customer happy enough to take down their negative review, and it will also show other visitors your side of the story.

Whenever you respond to a review, make sure you are polite and give the individual your name and title. This will go a long way to help make your negative Yelp profile get better.

Listen to what the reviews say.

You have to understand that your customers are leaving negative reviews because they had a poor experience, so instead of getting upset, listen to what the reviews have to say. If you notice that a multitude of reviews discuss their poor experience with a certain employee, a dirty bathroom, or even an unpleasant product, do your research to see if they’re right. Maybe you do have an employee that isn’t so wonderful, a bathroom that could use a good cleaning, or a product that could be improved. Once you’ve addressed these items, be sure to let your customers know about your updates in your response, and then give them an incentive to come back and see for themselves.

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Earn positive reviews.

One of the best ways to counteract a negative review is to generate some positive reviews. Pay attention to your customers going forward, and any customer that seems to be enjoying themselves (or that actually tells you what a great time they had) needs to be used to your advantage. Give them a card with your Yelp address on it and ask them to leave a positive review about your business. Once you continue to add positive reviews, the negative reviews won’t matter as much.

Try to delete fake reviews.

Sometimes you will experience a fake review on your Yelp account, and this can create a problem for your business. Some people write fake reviews just to reach their quota and be a part of Yelp’s VIP club, and others do so because they were paid by another company. If you notice a fake review on your website and you can prove that it’s fake, bring it up to Yelp and ask them to remove it. While the process is not exactly easy, it could be worth it in the long run.

Continue to monitor your account.

One of the many reasons Yelp could be destroying your business is due to the negative comments. But these comments can be even more detrimental if you don’t realize they’re happening. Instead of visiting Yelp everyday to see if any new comments have been left about your business, monitor your account with tools like www.reviewtrackers.com. This tool will scour not only Yelp, but also other review sites on the Internet, and alert you any time a new review has been added or a new comment has been posted. You can then use these notifications to alert you as to when you need to take action and respond to the review. Review Trackers will send these alerts via email on a weekly, daily or real-time basis, so you can choose which option is best for you.