Necessary Ingredients for a Positive Work Environment


What does a positive work environment have to do with a successful business? Absolutely everything. Every company is made up of people they are its essence. Therefore, it follows that if you need a happy successful business, it needs to be run by happy successful people.

The workplace environment can only be rivaled in importance by the actual job duties (or job scope). If your employees like what they do, the only thing that will take your company to the next level is the work environment.

But what is included in “work environment?” It encompasses everything from the look of the office to the interpersonal relationships and company culture. And here are some things that are important to have if you want to create a positive work environment for your company:

Clean and Comfortable

First of all, make sure your workplace is clean, comfortable, and safe. Physical surroundings can have a huge impact on a person’s attitude and behaviors. Clean, brighter, and comfortable environments will minimize distractions, put minds at ease, and let the productivity and creativity flow.

Hiring the Right People

Hopefully, as you hire people, you look for personalities and work-styles that fit with the existing staff that you have. Making sure that your employees get along is an important consideration to take. If you have a very “chill” workplace environment, you don’t want to hire someone who is high-strung and extremely professional.

While it is great, and important, to have people from different backgrounds, you’ll want to make sure personalities won’t clash. As you look through applications, consider using employee screening software to help you weed out candidates that seem to have different goals, interests, extreme personalities, or other qualities that simply don’t match your company and existing staff. During interviews, try to get a feel for the person and imagine how their personality would fit in your company.

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Most significantly, the interpersonal relationships going on in the office or workplace will have the biggest impact on the working environment. Positive work relationships can be built several different ways, including the following:

  • Communication: open communication is so important. Each employee needs to feel like they count that they are important. Equally as important is for leadership to communicate expectations and instructions clearly, which will avoid misunderstandings and conflict.
  • Collaboration: working as a team can help foster real working relationships, friendships, encourage mutual respect, and naturally, teamwork
  • Meetings: getting together to talk about common goals, how each individual/department is valued and necessary, and success everyone in the company can share in helps to create a sense of accomplishment as both an individual and a work community.
  • Parties: Nothing works better for making people happy than a party. Celebrate often. It could be a monthly company lunch, holiday bashes, decorations, or Salsa Friday. Having fun is a big part of being happy. So have fun as a company!
  • Pranks: Once strong personal relationships have been built, an office prank here or there can’t go amiss.

As you take these points into consideration, you should have no problem identifying ways you can improve your company’s working environment!