How Shift Work Is Negatively Affecting You


Modern technology has brought about so many changes in our lives including the way our bodies should function. Millions of people nowadays work on shift, this is because of their profession such as the likes of doctors, nurses, truck drivers or policemen; still there are some who work for financial reasons and has little or no choice but to works as shift workers, these are those working for 24 hour convenient stores, restaurants and customer care centers, who provide 24 hours assistance.

Shift works falls not just under the category of working at night time and sleeping at day time; shift workers are also those who work late at night to provide services such as personal trainers who work either very early in the morning or late at night to accommodate clients who are not free on regular hours. When you don’t have a permanent 9-5 job, then you are a shift worker.

This type of job is quite simply harmful to your health. So many people are getting sick and it’s all because of their work and lifestyle. It is found that shift work does harm to your overall health; maybe not drastically manifesting its ill effects but slowly damaging your system without you even knowing it. The direct effect shift work has is that it disrupts the circadian rhythm of the body. Our body has a natural timetable wherein it responds to daytime and nighttime cycle. During the night when we are suppose to sleep, the body repairs the cell damage and if we miss this, the vital organs slowly deteriorates.


Some very common illnesses found in shift workers are heart illnesses, diabetes, high cholesterol, poor gastrointestinal functions, insomnia, obesity, fertility issues and cancer. These illnesses are often life threatening and costs a lot to cure. All of these illnesses are developed over time due to the reversal of the natural body function.

Shift workers not only get sick physically they also have a tendency to develop psychological issues such as depression because they tend to become isolated from family and friends, they become sluggish and always sleepy resulting to low self esteem and lack of enthusiasm. They also get involve in many accidents that are not just work related but also road and even household related accidents. Shift work results in lack of sleep and this result in slow reflexes as well as inability to make logical decisions.

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If shift work is inevitable or can’t be avoided you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to simulate a night’s sleep so your body will respond to the perceived environment. Since the body’s circadian rhythm recognizes night time as the time to repair and recharge the body, make sure your room is as dark as night time and condition your body to get deep, uninterrupted sleep. Some people who realized the importance of night time sleep but have to do it the other way around, put up dark, thick curtains that will make their bedroom really dark and makes sure that this time is left undisturbed by other members of the family who are around.

We may not yet feel the ill effects of shift work and so we take it for granted but remember, prevention is better than cure and so if you must do shift work, make sure you follow a healthy diet plan, make time to exercise and most of all get the exact amount of sleep by simulating night time sleep.

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