Every Businessman’s Guide to Getting Everything They Want

The title may seem like an exaggeration. You may immediately ask the question, “Is it really possible to get everything I want as a business person?” Well, based on what the title says it is indeed possible. You just have to check out the following tips.

Make it a point to tell and avoid the urge to sell.

When trying to sell something, see to it that your aim first is to help others and listen to what they have to say. Remember that once they notice that you are genuinely interested to what they say, they will also be interested to anything that you tell them. So, share to them a story that will captivate their attention. This would even mean that you have to be good at storytelling. You have to create a vivid picture of what the future may bring and as soon as you have convinced your customers about the possibilities that the future brings according to your story, they will also develop in them the desire to be part of that story. In turn, they will become eager at showing their willingness to help you get what you want and be able to convince others as well to be part of the future that you told in your story.

Be passionate in every interaction.

One’s passion can be contagious and the same thing can be said to lack of passion. If you want others to share with you the same passion for something, be passionate in every interaction that you have with them. This is because if you inject passion into something that you really want, you will be able to increase your chances of actually having and owning it. Without passion, you will never be able to exert much energy into what you want and in turn you will not be able to get it.

Be prepared to surprise others.

There is just something about surprises that would draw people closer to you. If you notice inside a casino you will be welcomed with a message in the background that someone has just won millions. This strategy is what psychologists call as variable rewards. Although you are not sure exactly when you will be able to win, but the excitement of winning a reward runs through your blood while you are still in the process of winning something. You may not win it but your excitement and enthusiasm is still there. In business, take the time to plan for surprises that will be given to your customers. For example, you may call them ahead of time that an order will be coming next week but then in reality you are already shipping it for overnight delivery. This manner of surprising your customers will definitely make it easier for you to get what you want. Once they realize that they are someone special to your business, they will never have second thoughts about supporting or patronizing your products.

Trying to get what you want is indeed difficult if you do not know how to help others get what they want first. Be willing to help others all the time and never forget to always make them feel how special they are to you. This way, you will never have to experience a lot of stress and anxiety when selling.

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