Why use e-mailing software and How to Select the Best Email Marketing Tool

How to Select the Best Email Marketing Tool

According to a study by Pew Research, 92% of Internet users use email to communicate. 61% of them even check their inbox daily. Emailing remains a privileged means of digital communication, efficient and inexpensive.

However, the success of a campaign lies mainly in the choice of the tool used. What are the benefits of efficient e-mailing software? How to choose the right tool for your needs? We will answer all that.

Email marketing: the reasons for the success

In a world where companies are less and less in physical contact with their customers, sending emails is of paramount importance.

This strategy makes it possible to:

  • Stay in constant touch with your customers
  • Facilitate cross and up-selling
  • Bulk prospecting for a low cost
  • Create a close link with your customers
  • Promote offers, events, news quickly and easily
  • Send the right message to the right person at the right time
  • Get quick information about prospects and customers
  • Retain customers
  • Feed your prospects with interesting content

In summary: by using email marketing to your advantage, you stay in the mind of your customers, demonstrate their ability to meet their needs and increase your chances of conversion.

However, for your e-mailing strategy to work, it is necessary to have a powerful software.

The benefits of good emailing software

First, a professional emailing software ensures greater deliverability of the message to the customer. There is less risk that email will land in the “Junk” folder, especially since software knows how to avoid spam filters.

Your image is also at stake. If recipients associate your business with spam, they will never want to use your products or services.

Moreover, an e-mailing software allows you to have detailed statistics after the sending of a message: click rate, links clicked, emails transferred … Thanks to the collection of these data, you will know what are the improvements to bring and how to fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Key points for choosing the right emailing software

Everything lies in the use you want to make of the e-mailing software. Depending on your needs, the chosen solution will not be the same. You can consult this comparison of e-mailing software to find the ideal solution.

For a newsletter

Your goal is to send simple messages to your database? Turn to a simplified solution, which still allows you to insert forms on your website, segment your address file and get statistics after each campaign.

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If you have a site in WordPress, you also have the option to opt for an e-mailing plugin.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are part of a logic of managing the relationship with the customer.

You will need a more complete emailing software than the one intended for the newsletter.

Before choosing your solution, you will need to make sure that it handles transactional emails, that it offers you several segmentation possibilities and detailed statistics.

Marketing automation

This method consists of sending a series of emails to a prospect who has identified himself on your website (by downloading a white paper, for example).

For such a need, you should focus on automation marketing platforms, which offer a whole ecosystem dedicated to this specific strategy.

Emailing campaigns adapted to freelances and TPE

You have selected the perfect tool for your email marketing? Here are 10 campaign ideas to use for your activity:

  1. Automatically send your new blog articles to subscribers to your newsletter
  2. Offer a discount coupon or a voucher for your customers’ birthdays
  3. Set up a relaunch of abandoned shopping baskets
  4. Promote your novelties in exclusivity
  5. Send personalized offers related to the customer’s purchase history
  6. Ship buying guides to convince the undecided
  7. Create surveysto better know your prospects and customers
  8. Send e-mailings after purchase to encourage customers to leave their opinion on your site and/or your social networks
  9. Inform about the latest trends in your industry
  10. Send a welcome discount code to those who sign up for your newsletter

As you can see, email is an important means of communication for your business.

To make the best use of it, choose the right software for your needs that includes all the features you need for your campaigns.



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