Why Marketing Is Negatively Perceived By Consumers?

Dark Side of Marketing


Is marketing the pink, harmless and full of wise intentions with respect to the consumer?
If you answer no, then this is probably that there is a dark side in marketing. And if you answer yes, then this is that you should ignore certainly many marketing-related practices.
Does that mean that marketing is harmful or bad? No, it’s just a question of approach and the way it is used by players in the industry at large. Let us not forget that a few years back and still today, they treated some seller’s swindlers or thieves.

The vendor loan patter to sell you anything and at any price was a reality … but that did not mean that the middle of the sale was a landmark brigand. Upstream will still find marketing, and if the sale is in was sometimes easier, the vendor could still pay the price if the product does not meet consumer expectations.

Marketing therefore already had a bad role in some cases … but it was still protected by ignorance of this universe.

It was easier to blame a vendor selling you crap, that worked upstream marketing to promote the merits of a product. The seller is here only relay the marketing discourse.

How to Define Marketing?

If we simplify to the maximum its definition, one could say that it is a simple lever to facilitate the sale of a product or service, based on a speech that affects more the user experience a frontal speech related on sale. All devices can dice when used in marketing.

It has been for many years and still see women as a marketing object where the relationship between it and the product was meaningless. The actors playing here on emotions, psychology, the unconscious and all that could circumvent the intent not to buy a product.
It has become relatively subtle, and it does not mean that marketing is bad. The reality is this: When a product is bad, we use marketing to deflect criticism relating thereto.

One of the glaring examples is the Nutella. Looking at the components of the product, we soon realize the harmfulness to health not to mention the environmental problems caused with one of its components. Marketing speech will then work around these issues proved, boasting such product around a shared family gentle moment.

Is It The Product Or Marketing That Is To Question?

Very quickly that the marketing we see is a subtle tool, and it can be quickly pointed the finger before the product itself.

If a product or service are exceptional, marketing speech will be only the continuation of a reality. In the marketing, sense will play its role to begin selling to consumers?

Is The Marketing Necessary?

Marketing has quickly been considered essential to enable to facilitate the sale and sometimes even bring it directly to the consumer’s feet. Mean by that so that a well-rehearsed speech can be enough to become a sales lever without using any vendor.

And marketing could easily take the place of sale, while the reverse is rather difficult. A seller speech generally adjusts to the client when there is a direct relationship with him.

Without marketing, the quintessence of the sale would effectively amount to the seller and his persuasive speech … even if the product or service meet the actual expectations of the consumer.

When placing the consumer at the center, it changes the scenery and the speech! And while everyone repeated this saying whether the consumer, the user, the user … who really cares?
Not many!

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The Boundaries between a Good and a Bad Marketing

The answer to this question is very simple! Henceforth an entity puts consumer interests before his own, then there is a good chance that marketing takes a good direction. Still, the message to be conveyed must be part of a logic.

When it exceeds consumer interests and becomes a marginal system
Rake in money, marketing can be considered wrong because of a misleading message.

One could easily interpret bad marketing as art and how to conceal a mountain behind a tree. Still, consumers often stop on the message upstream.
If the message is misleading, then it is the marketing that is shown and finally the product.

So we can easily understand that it is marketing that should have a bad image, but those (industrial, corporate …) that use it against harm caused by a product, its poor, its harmful components etc …

Consider Two Examples:

The marketing for automakers

The recent share raised at Volkswagen which incidentally was quickly packed saw how two parameters were passed in the background: the consumer on the one hand and the environment on the other. The message still boasts the quality of the car manufacturer and in the background the quality of German manufacture.

Is the message can now erase months, years … lying? A typical example of profit at the expense of consumers and the environment.

In its wake, we imagine that many manufacturers have not been all been blameless.

The Marketing in the Food Industry

A medium that blithely plays with the consumer and his health! Perhaps worst of all areas. The one where we take the consumer for a lot of meat just good to turn the industry.

When the nation is about to give way to vegetables, cancer-legged or zombies that will not be a shadow of themselves … where will they go to get the money?
The political pressures are legion, as elsewhere, moreover, especially when it comes to blackmail governments on hiring that this industry generates.

It is certainly a fact hard to hear, but there are enough and even beyond, evidence about the evils of junk food and many manufactured goods. That is not the subject but the marketing of this medium is one of many cases where it soon found to be a false speech.

In Conclusion

Marketing is not bad in itself and on the contrary. It facilitates sales by positioning itself as a strong message reported to the user experience in many cases. If it proves correct, then the speech is in line with the product or boasted service, so no worries about it.

However! Henceforth a speech is false, of course, is the marketing message that is pointed and the product in a second time. Then judge the marketing as a form of brainwashing, a harmful method that acts on the subconscious etc …

The problem is that many industrial companies … in this direction to compensate for the poor quality of a product or attacks that might occur during a launch.

Marketing is a very subtle universe that sometimes too cleverly misused by many players…

But there is and will remain a great lever in the hands of actors who put the consumer at the center before their personal interests.