What Digital Strategy to Adopt in 2017?

What Digital Strategy to Adopt in 2017
What Digital Strategy to Adopt in 2017

The end of the year 2016 was rich in digital emotions and with 2017 already in sight, the question is to know that it will be the strategy to adopt. EntrepreneurYork unveils the 5 major trends that will drive your digital strategy for next year.


The consumer 2016 is already cross-channel, and its appetite for these new uses and purchase paths will only amplify the year 2017. Just for 2016, the figures speak for themselves: 90% of French are looking for information On the web before buying in physical outlets, 22% of consumers in France practice t-commerce and 19% are fond of m-commerce. Also, almost 70% of them use the pick-up in store and 84% are pleased with the showroom.

The cross-channel has decidedly good days ahead and the brands will have to capitalize on this part of their digital strategy to stay in the race.


Also, a cross-device approach will prove more than ever to be a competitive advantage. If the English are now mobile first with a higher net connection rate in 2016 than the one on the desktop, consumers of 2017 will always juggle mobile, traditional PC and tablet to glean information, order online, compares, watch videos. ..


Companies will have to work on their content and offer so that they are 100% optimized for these media. Also, operate at the data and the customer to maximize the customer experience famous course, will be a central element in the relationship between a brand and its consumers in 2017.


Videos, blog posts, newsletters, graphics, studies, surveys, webinars … Place the contents in the digital strategy companies must not falter in 2017, on the contrary! For the efforts in 2016 will be intensified next year to continue to attract and retain customers, gain visibility and notoriety to generate leads, to take the lead in its market.

But to enjoy the benefits of content, companies and brands will focus on defining a digital strategy for content marketing. What are the objectives to be achieved? What is the buyer persona to target priority? What types of content should be produced? What are the points of contact to create? All these aspects will have to be particularly well crafted to professionalize its content marketing and be able to reap the rewards.


51-49, this is not a law article but the result of the game that was played this year on the ground the rate of browsing the web between mobile and traditional PC.

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51% of connections to the Internet are now made on mobile and digital strategy for companies of all sizes and in all sectors will necessarily put the package on mobile websites still more fluid and ergonomic, which show no slow loading pages Risk that consumers will blacklist them or in any case fine them.


Especially since Google has revealed that its page ranking algorithm will now pride to responsive sites that have migrated to the Google AMP format. Meaning Accelerated Mobile Pages, this new format makes it possible to multiply the speed of display of the pages of mobile sites. A fundamental challenge to meet the expectations of consumers in search of ultra-speed. And companies will have a vested interest in getting started in 2017, as it is both their referencing and the enhancement of the customer experience.


Facebook Live Periscope and have enjoyed tremendous success in 2016 by the propensity of these platforms to engage the consumer, the holding live while satiating his almost inexhaustible thirst for content videos. Brands will have to launch into the race as long as these new tools are not considered as gadgets but offer real added value to their customer base and contacts.

Watch Online Videos
Watch Online Videos

A figure is also of the most talkative: in 2016 nearly 3 million videos were viewed on Youtube in 1 minute! Another highlight is that video will account for up to 80% of Internet traffic by 2018.

Suffice to say that putting rubber on quality video content, interesting and dynamic will be from 2017 a powerful leverage of customer engagement, loyalty and winning leads.

To conclude, you will be able to explore two more tracks for 2017. E-merchants will need more than ever to improve the conversion rate of their site, which will represent a major challenge for the profitability of their business. Finally, businesses will benefit from relying on automation marketing platforms to maximize the impact of their marketing campaigns.

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