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In the e-commerce is all about timing and marketing! This is a golden rule that is still and will always be valid in any sector or economic activity.

Whether it's a physical product, digital, or a service, this principle always proves its truth! A marketing action is still good, but when it is launched at the right time it is even better!

The discount coupons are some of the tools and marketing strategy more effective guaranteeing to boost sales, which are favored by sellers, despite their negative connotation in some people who believe that only the poor are using this way to achieve procurement savings.

Coupons, paper codes

Long used in traditional trade in the form of paper cutting, this method has grown exponentially in the digital world.

This is because consumers have practically kept the same reflexes towards this psychological trigger which acts on the principle of reciprocating- it to be in the real or digital world.

Especially as the e-commerce does not recognize the physical boundaries and enjoys more freedom of action and technical means to carry out marketing campaigns with very low cost compared to physical trade.

Thus, it is more practical to launch actions to retaining customers and converting new prospects by offering discounts in percentage, money or even bonus, the field is wide enough to show his creativity and develop new technics!

Statistics on the use of online coupons

Moreover, the statistics clearly show that the coupon covering postage also called coupon code to promote certain products and services- always a key factor for promoting sales, improving the frequency of purchase and customer relationship.

Thus, 96% of consumers favorably use coupons offered by vendors, in 2013 over 315 billion coupons were offered to US customers, especially as consumers have saved over 3.4 billion US dollars in 2014 thanks to the use of various discount coupons!

These relevant figures also show a clear trend of digitalization coupons, and the number of elements used quadrupled in the same period. Thousands of sites like specialize in downloading coupons for a specific site (in this case the site came distributes coupons for the coming website like you can and invest in a great pair of walking shoes from Underarmour).

In addition to its positive effects on the growth of the turnover, the discount coupon can be used to boost traffic to an e-commerce website. Indeed the results displayed by Google show that the search for this keyword has multiplied exponentially in recent years, which proves that people are looking more and more deals and tips.

This fact can be exploited to get into the indexing of pages of search engines.

So by combining the contents of the website with offers attractive coupon reduction, ranking the website could, of course, go up as it will attract more visitors interested in the related offers and earn subsequently visibility.

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