The Benefits of Self Publishing


Promoting a new book or other artistic ventures can be challenging and can cost a lot of time and financial burdens. Not only is there a cost of printing the book but you need to have a way to distribute it to the masses. Going through a publishing company presents many challenges and pressure because a publisher will pressure you to write a certain type of style or genre. This can be difficult when authors want to write something unique that may not be in the mainstream at the time.

Once the publishing company receives their book they will have an editor go over your work, which can take away part of the creative process. Then once editing is done you have to explain the book’s idea and storyline to a panel that represents the publishing company. Next comes proofreading which helps with grammar but it can also alter the book and the story that was originally written. All of these options cost time, money, a risk that the work may not be successful or even reach the printing stage. Once the book has been approved then there is the cost of printing and distribution which also requires a contract. This means that the publishing company will receive a portion of the profits from book sales. However, with many of the challenges issued through publishing with a company, there is also the benefit that you are having assistance and having every step taken care of professionally,


Accomplishing self-publishing can also be a challenge, but unlike company publishing, you are allowed more freedom. One of the first steps, after you have completed your book, is to know how it will be distributed. This is important because usually in a company publishing setting the publisher plans how to distribute and promote the book. It is also important because this is how you will accumulate revenue based on book sales.

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With advancements in technology and a larger demand for digital electronics or eBooks, there are many options available for self-publishing distribution. For example, Amazon now has a system in place so that self-publishing authors can publish their works on Amazon and download eBooks. You can also publish your book in many types of format from digital pdf files or use Soda PDF to regular printed paper books. The convenience of downloading a book online to a mobile device will increase sales and satisfy customers.

It is important to proofread and have the book fully completed before starting the publishing system. You also need to know the format and final writing copy so that you can have not only a professional look but correct grammar as well. You can distribute your book to all types of formats and types. This really helps to provide access for customers. Next, you need to prepare for printing. If you are doing a printing option you will need to get in contact with bookstores and find online sources where you are able to still sell paper copies of your book.

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