Real Estate Marketing and Communication on Facebook

Facebook is the most used social network in the world. For your agency/network, this is an immense showcase that can potentially put you in contact with a large number of prospects.

But before you start and publish everything, it is essential to ask yourself the following: what do your prospects and customers want? What will they look for on Facebook? And how would they like you to communicate with them? Because if the medium created by Mark Zuckerberg is powerful, it reveals all its potential only to those who use it in a relevant way.

Boost Your Real Estate Communication on Facebook As Marketing Strategy

Communication is the key in any type of business, when it comes to real estate it is essential part of your marketing strategy. To help you, here are some tips to boost your real estate communication on Facebook!

Why do you want to boost your real estate communication on Facebook?

The most widely used social medium in the world, Facebook is regularly visited by nearly 1.9 billion people. In France alone, there are 32 million active users, almost half of the population!

It is, therefore, a potential source of absolutely huge prospects. Including real estate professionals, who can use it to hit localized leads while improving their digital reputation.

But beware: we can not communicate blindly on social networks. Their use for commercial purposes presupposes the integration of their rules, but also to take into account the human dimension of these media. Thus, understanding what prospects want is essential to boost its real estate communication on Facebook.

And what do your prospects want? What could push them to entrust their real estate project to a professional met on Facebook?

The answer is simple: the human. It’s the human they want, not just the real estate agent. That does not mean that they do not care about the know-how and the expertise – these are (and will remain) major criteria. But they want to build quality relationships and deal with someone who understands their issues, and who can meet their expectations in a personalized way.

This is what Facebook can help you do: transform your image of a technocrat too attached to his mandates. And to reveal the human who, too often, is hidden under the costume of the professional.

Here’s how to boost your real estate communication on Facebook, in 2 points.



Talking business on Facebook … but innovatively

First point: rely on Facebook to do business. But do it in an original and innovative way – if not, keep as much your traditional channels of communication!

You will start by creating a professional page for your real estate agency or real estate network. You will be able to publish the mandates that you have just entered or posted content extracted from your blog – but always trying to differentiate yourself from what others do, trying as much as possible to make your communication attractive to glean new prospects while making sure to please your existing clientele.

Boost your real estate communication on Facebook, so communicate normally … With disruptive elements!

For example?

Let’s say you visit a house or apartment for sale. This is an opportunity to publish content designed to reach specific segments of your clientele.

If you discover a particular detail, an element of attractive decor, something you like – it can be a beautiful stone fireplace in the living room, a beautiful bathtub in the bathroom, a room decorated in an original way – take it a photo to publish it on your page, with a comment. This will serve as a teasing, and your interested prospects will be the first to view the full ad!

Aim for details so you do not immediately reveal the good, or say too much: the goal is to get the attention of your Facebook community, so they want to see more and click on the link to have a look at your website!



Use Facebook to do personal branding

Second point: personal branding, or personal marketing.

In reality, the real added value is there. Personal branding is what really boosts his real estate communication on Facebook.

This marketing method is to stand out through personal communication, rooted in a professional and extra-professional environment. We will use Facebook to develop its own brand, as a real estate agent but also as a person.

And to do this, you have to be active not only on the agency page but also on your personal account. Yes: use your personal page to support your marketing strategy! It’s a very effective way to boost your real estate communication on Facebook.

The goal? Create (and maintain) relationships with a specific target of its customers, customers who share its interests. Here are two examples of communication strategies to achieve this:

  • Publish content featuring your everyday real estate agent: photos of work in the office, prospecting or visits; posts about specific aspects of the job, etc.
  • Link professional and personal life, show that as a real estate agent you also have a life of your own, in order to define points of contact with your customers. For example, by publishing original photos of your cat, you will bet on your customers’ interest in felines. Ditto for any passion or hobby: if you like going to the movies, bowling, squash – share with your prospects and customers, make yourself known as a person and not just as an intermediary real estate!

Other ideas: organize sports meetings with your customers, contests, games, tastings at home … All points of contact through which you will generate a strong human connection, consolidate your existing relationships, and open the field of your network.



Become a social reference as well as a real estate reference

Maybe you will ask, “What’s the point? Why so much trouble and time wasted to post a Facebook chat picture? What does it cost? How can it boost his real estate communication on Facebook?

Certainly, you’ve already heard this kind of sentence: “I know a good real estate agent, we do this or that together, I’ll talk to him about your project.”

Well, you could be this agent, the one recommended between friends, between neighbors! The agent who is also a football teammate, an opponent in tennis, a buddy at the photo club – or just a friendly Facebook contact.

You may say that the objective is to sell.

Precisely: this form of communication allows you to sell, but by focusing on human sharing rather than sales in itself. Position yourself from the point of view of your clients: a real estate agent who looks like his prospects, who shares the same way of life, the same habits, will be better able to understand their needs and offer them real estate that really matches to their expectations. Conversely, they have no desire to entrust their project to someone so different from them.

Boosting his real estate communication on Facebook makes it possible to become a social reference at the same time as a professional reference!

In addition, good social communication can also attract the attention of your fellow agents. If any of them have customers in their database who are moving into your area and need a good real estate contact, they may have known you via your Facebook posts, feel close to you, and so you entrust the customers in question. Because he would think that if people like to work with him, there is no doubt that they would like to do business with you!

In short, to boost its real estate communication on Facebook, it is essential to publish tailor-made content, designed to appeal to one or another segment of its clientele, on its professional and personal pages.

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And above all: to live his daily life as a real estate agent – and human!

9 Social Media Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Real Estate Program


Communicating on a new real estate program means reaching prospects effectively in order to sell lots and complete financing for their project. But it is also to highlight its expertise to build relationships of trust with future buyers!

Social media gives you the opportunity to play both games, both to target your buyers in the present and to create a database of qualified prospects for the future.

But here it is: communicating via social profiles is not easy. To help you promote a new real estate program on social networks, we have gathered 9 ideas that you can inspire on a daily basis!

1. To promote a new real estate program on social networks, be active!

The social strategy is quite specific, especially in real estate: the networks are in the immediacy and responsiveness, while a real estate project is built in the long term.

But precisely: the long-term has corollary confidence. The larger the purchase, the more consumers need to know you. That’s why social presence is essential for your communication: you absolutely must interact with your prospects and your customers wherever they are!

Except that this strategy has a cost: time.

Because to promote a new real estate program on social networks, it is necessary to make live your social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram all require to be active and publish/share as regularly as possible.

You can find more tips on using social networks in real estate in our article on the subject!



2. Target your prospects by creating a page dedicated to your program!

Several million users subscribe to Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

You can not aim for everyone, can you? First of all, because it would require a maximum of time. Second, and most importantly, because among these millions of users, only a few are likely to buy a lot in your brand-new real estate program.

Start by segmenting your audience to promote a new real estate program on social networks to prospects who might be really interested:

  • Social users who live in the city where your program is located;
  • Those that correspond to the profiles that you have determined upstream (your “persona”: for example a couple of buyers, thirty, looking for a 3-room to have a first child, an investor of about fifty years who wants to build a heritage, etc.);

Then take actions according to the targets you have chosen! A relevant action is to create a page with an explicit name (“Program XXX XXX in London”) and invite the locals and the users corresponding to your persona to participate.

You can then post content and photos of the progress of the work on the group – a good technique to promote a new real estate program on social networks!

3. Post your blog content to assert your expertise and engage your audience!

If you are deploying a content strategy for your real estate promotion, do not forget to post your articles and FAQs on social media for promotion.

This will increase your chances of reaching a wider audience, and engage prospects who follow you to become customers and then become ambassadors for your brand.

Take advantage of this content to assert your real estate developer expertise: this is the first step to create a relationship of trust with your prospects/customers.

In addition, your content will make the sound box: social users can access your landing pages both from the content of your articles (via CTA) than from your social profiles!



4. Be in interaction with your prospects!

In addition to animating your social accounts, you must create interactions with your prospects.

You can :

  • Reply to comments posted by users;
  • Contact them in a private message if they ask more specific questions;
  • Consult the content they share to offer articles in the same vein;
  • Take into account their remarks;
  • React very quickly if a customer posts a negative comment on one of your programs (this will not change the nature of the comment, but you will show your responsiveness).

Attention: promoting a new real estate program on social networks is a very time-consuming activity because these interactions must be done in real time!

5. Ask your team to participate!

Fortunately, you are not alone: ​​you have a strong team that supports you in your real estate development.

So, let her participate!

Ask your employees to post and share content, interact with your prospects and customers. And encourage them to:

  • Create their own profile on social networks (if not already done);
  • Animate the page of the real estate development company in addition to their personal page, to increase your chances of reaching prospects.

Promoting a new real estate program on social networks is an adventure that is done to many!


6. Relay your physical events on social networks!

In our article on the to creating an effective prospectus, we stressed the need to build bridges between your physical and digital media, such as placing a QR code in the document.

Adapt this logic with social media: your physical events (dressing field, animations around the point of sale, advertising displays in the city, day of discovery of the completed site, etc.) must be relayed on the networks to gain impact!

To promote a new real estate program on social networks, you can, for example, organize Inbound events at your point of sale – a virtual tour of the apartments – and promote it on Facebook, so as to attract many more people.

7. Adopt a personal tone and highlight your true life!

Promote a new real estate program on social networks, it is very different to communicate via professional emailing or through physical media.

We do not address our prospects in the same way on Facebook as on flyers!

On social media, you have to be yourself, genuine. This is true on the page dedicated to your program, but even more on your personal page. Publish photos of your daily life, show your employees at work, publish a report on your site visit, involve your pet to your posts … These are all small tips that will help you reach your audience more directly.

And if you ask yourself the question: yes, we can promote a new real estate program on social networks by showing lightness and humor!



8. Communicate with visuals on Instagram!

We often say “the weight of words, the shock of photos”.

For photos, it’s more than ever true today, and Instagram proves it every day: communication only passes through images, with breathtaking results!

And precisely: in your real estate development business, communication relies heavily on visuals. You need images to bring to life a real estate program that is not out of the ground yet, and your future buyers can only imagine.

In fact, the exchange is mainly through the image, which makes Instagram the ideal platform to promote a new real estate program on social networks!

9. Integrate video into your communication strategy!

Too often overlooked by real estate professionals, the video is a particularly effective medium in a web marketing campaign.

She permits :

  • Reconcile several objectives (present the new real estate program in detail, retain and engage your customers, etc.);
  • Make the customer relationship more humane (use it to make short reports on your real estate development company, introduce your employees, talk about your job, etc.);
  • Maximize the virality of your promotion, as it is the medium most shared by Internet users – and the most appreciated: about 85% of users watch at least one video on the Internet in the month!
  • And finally, improve your SEO on the same occasion!

Do not hesitate to use the video to promote a new real estate program on social networks!

That’s all folks, if you have any question, suggestion regarding this article..leave the comment below.


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