Leveraging Social Media for Lead Generation


Today, modern businesses are extracting new trends and strategies to generate more leads (sales contacts) and transform them into sales. Among these strategies, it seems that social media sits in the forefront, with a worldwide reach of 1.85 billion active users. These pages are now an indispensable tool for brand awareness, so long as your online marketing strategy is inclined with generating business leads, expect a progress on your return of investment (ROI), Social Media Examiner’s Lauren Blecher said.

Unfortunately, some startups (and even the biggest brands) still fail to effectively use the social media. Worry no more, because in this post, we’ll feature how you can maximize social pages in generating sales contacts:

The power of social links

Mashable’s Erica Swallow says it’s time to promote your social media presence by including your official Twitter or Facebook icons on your website, giving your prospective clients with a recognizable channel for reaching out to you. Swallow recommends using the Icon finder service, which gives a pool of free social media labels fit for your website.

In her article, she featured digital publishing firm Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Mama and its social linking story. Offbeat’s Publisher Ariel Meadow Stallings said the company was heavily inspired by the social media fly-out found on the TreeHugger website. “It felt like an elegant but effective solution for getting my social media links out of the sidebar,” Meadow shared.

Freebies and giveaways

“The word ‘Free’ is very powerful, when your audience sees that they are getting some perks they will happily comply,” claims Harsh Ajmera of Social Media Today. To increase the chance of expanding your patrons, using social media to offer freebies comes in handy in converting page visitors to sales.

A prime example of this technique is made by mobile giant Samsung when it slated marketing strategies for their new Galaxy S5. On its official Facebook page, Samsung said the handset will be shipped with free premium apps amounting to at least $576:

  • Six-month subscription to The Wall Street Journal online
  • Three-month subscription to Evernote premium
  • One-year subscription to the Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Three-month LinkedIn premium upgrade
  • Six-month subscription for 50 GB of cloud storage from Box

In addition to that the specifications on O2’s site revealed that the device will also be offered with a free six-month trial of the Deezer app, wherein you can access 30 million songs from your favorite artists. The premium application also allows your playlist to be shared with your friends.


With 1.3 billion monthly active users as of Q1, Facebook can be your main social page for marketing. In fact, it provides handy features allowing you to collate more quality leads. For instance, when a patron claims one of your offers, the activity becomes visible in his News Feed, wherein his friends will be able to see the virality of your products. There’s also the Facebook Custom Tabs, wherein you can conduct simple raffles and contests.

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Meanwhile, there’s an option to create your own Facebook application and advertisement for faster lead generations. When a fan accepts the terms and conditions of your Facebook app, you can ask permission to get information such as email address and their interests. For advertisements, take advantage of the promoted publishing feature, highlighting the summary of your products and services.

Twitter Cards

In May 2013, Twitter released the Lead Generation Card, tasked to drive highly qualified leads by bringing useful tools to expand users’ tweets. Simply put, these Twitter cards make it easy for your followers to express their utmost interest in what your brand has to offer. Three months later, Twitter made the platform available to small and large business advertisers. So how exactly will it help you generate more leads?

A 2013 study from the Statistic Brain revealed that the average attention span of a normal person is eight seconds. This is where a Twitter Card comes in handy, allowing customers to read, expand, and click submit a specific tweet for eight seconds or less. In one of Twitter’s blog posts, it narrated the success story of @RockCreek, which was able to generate over 1, 700 new email contacts in less than a week. They used the cards analytics feature, which allowed them to view important metrics in optimizing their card designs.

On top of all, treat your social media strategy in the same manner that you deal with other customer service initiatives and offline marketing plan – with full planning and research. The secret here is to be as unique as possible, and  to track the conversation and respond to inquiries real-time.