Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Social Media Impact SEO

Do social media interactions affect search rankings? Yes! According to the Moz Search Ranking Factors report, pages with Google +1, tweets, and Facebook likes and comments tend to rank better than other pages that are not active in social media. Several studies also show a connection between social media activity and a higher ranking.

You may have noticed that yourself. Yes, a content that ranks well on Google has more shares and likes. SEO Sydney and social media go hand in hand, but businesses are not focused on social media for SEO. Social media can help boost your SEO in a number of ways than just promoting your content.

How social media affects SEO?

Social media is not a ranking factor according to Google. But it can enhance the ranking factors that Google consider. If lots of people share your content on social media, then it is likely more people will link to it and links are one of the significant SEO Sydney ranking factors.

A content that gets shared in the social media a lot will be seen by many. A content that is viewed by a lot of people is more likely to get linked from other websites, and the additional backlinks of the content are the cause of better ranking.  The increased ranking shows increased social activity. This is how social media affects SEO and the social signals are the ranking factors. You should not confuse whether the links from social media is valued the same way as a link from high-quality content. Instead, consider the benefits of using social media to help boost ranking signals that Google and other search engines care about.

Here are a few ways how social media affects search engine optimisation Sydney

Social media helps to:

Create and boost brand awareness

Both Facebook and Twitter have more than a billion monthly active users, and it just illustrates how important social media has become for creating brand awareness. However, interacting with your audience is the key factor. Try to consistently engage with your audience by asking questions, replying to their queries, starting discussions, and commenting on news and trends.

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Capture external links

According to Moz, for achieving high rankings in Google, external links and linking are the most essential factor. Use social media to share and promote your content and this will increase the likelihood of other websites referring and linking back to it. People look for the right information and if you have those in your content, it will be shared by many. So, create high-quality, engaging contents. Get help from the SEO agency Sydney for creating quality contents.

Social media profiles rank in search engines

If you type a business name in Google, you can find their social media profiles along with the official website. If a company is not only able its website but also their social media profiles, know the potential of being socially active. In fact, it can help you stand out of your potential competitors. Ensure your social profiles are active and consistently engage with the audience.

Drives traffic to websites

Posting the links of quality contents can help to get more shares, likes, and comments. Moreover, it also encourages audiences to browse your website and thus it helps to convert the audience into customers.

While social media may not have a connection with SEO Sydney, it can influence online marketing success. Produce valuable contents that are worth sharing, and you can maximise the benefits you receive from social media.

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