5 Reasons Why Social Media Should Be A Part of Your SEO Strategy


One thing that should be clarified as early as now is whether or not social media can directly boost search engine optimization (SEO). To set the record straight, utilizing social media does not directly help sites rank better on the search engines. Still, social media should not be totally ignored when it comes to crafting your SEO strategy.

For one, social media content gets indexed. Try looking up a brand or a celebrity, and their social media profiles will show up on top of their personal websites or Wikipedia pages. This is because their social media profiles are relevant to the query. If you’re tuned in to the search industry or are part of an online marketing team, you may have heard whispers of social media in relation to SEO.

Here are the ways that social media can help with SEO strategies.

Brand Awareness

While social media may not have a direct relationship with search engine listings, one thing that social media is useful for is brand awareness. Seeing as there are a lot of people using social media on a daily basis, it would be unwise for any marketing team to completely ignore social media to focus purely on SEO.

Seeing a brand’s name over and over on social media posts or ads can increase brand recognition, which in turn will help organically grow website traffic. Once website traffic increases, search engine rankings are sure to follow.

Promoting Content

Another reason why social media should not be ignored when creating an SEO strategy is that social media helps with promoting content. You can create quality content that is optimized for search engines, but if it does not reach readers, it’s bound to fail.

Social media helps to get all that quality content out to potential readers, increasing the effectivity of any SEO campaign. Some businesses use Facebook for marketing content to users in relation to their other marketing strategies, because they understand the power of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a marketing medium.

Link Building

When it comes to helping a site rank better on search engines, a lot of SEO partners seen on BestSEOCompanies.com utilize link building as a technique to increase traffic. When content gets linked by other sites, search engines take it to mean that the content (and the site, in effect) is a source of reliable content.

Social media helps in this regard since it can be used to get high quality content out to people who might link it in their own content. The more people are able to see the link displayed on a social media page, the more likely it will be for them to drive referral traffic to your business page.

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Establish Credibility

One crucial thing about search engine optimization is establishing authority or credibility of a site. This is usually done by creating content that provides value to your audience. The challenge with this tactic is getting it out to an audience. But no matter how good the content is, it won’t improve the credibility of the website unless people are able to access it. And if the site doesn’t rank well on search engine listings, expect that content to be read rarely.

Social media is able to complement this credibility-building strategy because of the way these sites are structured. People are able to share or link their website content on their own social media pages, allowing their content to reach a relevant audience. And the more people get to view or read the content allows search engines to conclude that the website and its content are credible and have authority.

Understanding Audience

Another reason why social media should not be ignored is its ability to help brands and businesses understand their audiences better. Social media is a place where audiences can communicate directly with brands, and brands can also reach their audiences on a more personal level.

Pulling off successful SEO campaigns involves finding the right keywords to use when creating content optimized for search engines. By tuning in on social media to find out what a target audience’s motivations, interests, and conversations are, it becomes easier to nail SEO keyword strategy.

So while social media may not directly help in ranking better on search engines, it would be a good idea to utilize social media in accordance with existing SEO strategies in order to create a successful online marketing campaign.