London Is a Great Place to Meet Business People


Many world class companies have made London their home. Being a capital city and a major global business hub, a London address gives your organisation an edge.

 Space Is at a Premium

Upmarket space is expensive in London, as in many capitals. Demand is always there, and space is limited, so the prices to rent or buy remain high. This means that few businesses can now afford to have premises with a fancy boardroom that is only used occasionally. However, there might still be a need for a meeting space, for example when regional teams are coming to head office, or when you want to meet important clients.

And of course many firms based outside of London still need to do business in the capital. They might have clients there, or often, it is the easiest place to meet with clients from elsewhere in the country. Looking at the meeting rooms Kings Cross has to offer or example shows how you can be located near an easy-to-reach venue, and being a hub for rail travel, many connections go through Kings Cross in any event.

Kings Cross and St Pancras have the obvious easy links to the continent, too, and as a result, there are growing numbers of available meeting rooms to rent by the day or even half day. Taking a client to a modern workspace like this could be beneficial to your business, even if it is not your space. People always judge by appearances, so find a space that matches your brand image.

Cost Effective Solutions

Whatever your business needs, there will be something to suit – whether you are looking for a small room for a couple of hours for an interview one-on-one, or a large boardroom style venue capable of seating much higher numbers of people attending an AGM or sales meeting.

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Other Facilities

If your meeting room rental firm cannot provide catering directly then it should be able to arrange this locally on your behalf. When considering your venue, look for premises with disabled access, and you might want to consider air conditioning. Natural daylight could be an important consideration if you need delegates to maintain concentration. For the same reason, it’s worth checking whether the room has sound-proofing.

Parking in the capital is quite often an issue, so if meeting attendees are likely to be arriving by car rather than by public transport, you might want to consider premises that have parking, if not on site then nearby. As with the meeting rooms themselves, parking is usually charged by the number of hours required, with discounts for longer stays.

Check what internet access is provided if you need it, and whether or not this is included in the rental charge.

Easy Booking

Most modern premises offer user-friendly online booking systems designed to make reservations easy, and in real time, so arranging a date at short notice is no issue.

Whatever your requirements, you should find no shortage of smart, easily accessible space available.