25 Best Tools to Make an Explanatory Video for Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Looking for tools to make an explanatory video for your company or activity? Making a video is a great idea, if not the best, to easily convey concepts and messages to your prospects. In this article, you will discover the top 20 applications or software that the majority of video creators use. This article is updated continuously, so do not hesitate to come back if needed!

What is Video Marketing?

A video is now key support for communication, both in internal communication and external communication, and a major trend in content marketing. Although there are other forms of visual content, video marketing becomes more and more present and takes more and more precedence over these other forms of content, especially writing …

But here, make a video for your video marketing has a cost and the rates of production agencies are at least dissuasive when you have no budget … And it’s a shame because, in terms of video marketing, statistics in video marketing speak for themselves:

  • Video helps persuade 73% of consumers to buy
  • Nearly 50% of people search for videos related to a product or service before going to a store
  • 45% of people watch over an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week
  • 80% of Internet users will watch a video while only 20% will read a text
  • 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook

engaging animated video

If you plan to invest in an explanatory video, you must consider a number of factors. If you do not want to waste your time, money, and energy, make sure you create an engaging video. The right thing to do? Use an online software or application for creating an explanatory video for your next video marketing plan!

To make a video easily without using software like After Effect that costs an arm and requires 3 lives to control it, there are simplified and accessible solutions: a few clicks and imagination (a minimum), the method (many ), a zest of know-how (this famous experience) and voila!

Keep in mind that it is very important to use the right software or application for creating animated videos to get the most out of it: it will make your job much easier and more efficient. In addition, you will get a much better result that will be satisfying for you, so much to do, but especially for your audience.

To help you make an attractive video, here is the alphabetical list of the best software and online applications to create a persuasive and engaging animated video for Video Marketing, to improve your marketing, or to develop the creation of your content (training, animation, coaching, communication internal-external).

And if you know of other software / online applications not mentioned in this list to create your video, do not hesitate to indicate them in the comments!


Animaker is a simple, intuitive, fast-to-use online software for Video Marketing that requires no prior experience. With 6 different video styles and 120 different types of animations, Animaker allows you to create beautiful explanatory videos. You will be able to create different types of videos for all your communication needs (explanatory videos, computer graphics, etc.). Easy to take in hand, the video is done by simple drag and drop. In its “Business” version (for commercial use), Animaker offers a large library of characters and decor elements, as well as sound and visual effects to spice things up.
  • 3 paying offers (400 euros/year for the Business Offer) + 1 limited free trial offer | in French


Animatron is also online software, which allows professionals and individuals to make a video of high quality and widely popular among Video Marketing agencies. Animatron Studio is easy to use by simply dragging and dropping. It allows you to create different animation styles (whiteboard, html5 design, presentations …). The company offers two platforms: Animatron Studio, geared more towards agencies and small businesses, designed for the creation of explanatory videos and banners, and Animatron Wave, turned to video marketing, via the creation of social videos designed for the sharing on different networks.
  • 3 paying offers (from 350 to 999 $/ year) + 1 limited free trial offer


Animiz installs on your computer (Windows) and allows you to create animated explanatory videos, advertising videos, products, , and more. Animiz is in two parts: the installation on your computer and the online publishing platform coupled with the software.

  • 3 paid offers ($ 29 / month, $ 299 / year or $ 999 / lifetime) + 1 limited free trial offer


Biteable is a free online tool that allows you to quickly create a video animation. You do not need advanced video editing skills to use the app. The process is simple and easy. Just select an animation style in the template gallery, edit the text and colors, add photos and music. When you have finished your video, it will be created in a few minutes and you can download or share it directly.
  • 1 paid offer ($ 99 / year) + 1 limited free trial offer  


Doodly is an animation software to install on your computer (Windows and OS X), which allows you to create scribing video style videos only (whiteboard or blackboard) with a simple interface to take in hand via drag and drop. Doodly allows you to create unlimited videos for all your marketing needs. The software comes with characters (up to 750), set elements (1100), and up to 80 musical backgrounds. You can also download your own files and media … Export your video in several formats and quality in a few minutes.
  • 3 paying offers (from 240 to 480 $/ year) 


Easy Sketch Pro 3  is a whiteboard animation software, and one of the forerunners of this type of marketing tool. It installs on your computer (Windows and OS X), and allows him also in a few simple steps, to create scribing video style videos with an easy-to-use interface via drag and drop. The software comes with 12,000 images and music backgrounds.
  • 3 paying offers (from 37 to 97$) 


Explee is an online animation application following the drag-and-drop method. A simple and intuitive video authoring tool, Explee enables users to create powerful animated videos designed to captivate audiences in a concise and engaging way. The tool allows you to add your own audio files (music, voice-over) and to import your own images into your videos. In the “Creative” version that allows the resale of videos, you have a library of 6000 images, 60 backgrounds.
  • 3 paying offers (from 84 to 1188 € / year), free trial possible | in French 


Lumen5 is a bluffing video creation tool because it makes it easy to create engaging video content in minutes and a few clicks, from articles you have written (or an internet link that you specify). You just have to select the text to put forward, then click on a button and the magic takes place! Its use is particularly simple and intuitive for a result that can be very satisfying.
  • 2 paying offers (from 468 to 948 US $ / year) + a free functional offer


MakeWebVideo is an online service that allows you to create your own video using pre-designed templates. The site offers a host of quality templates created with After Effects, and make a video is simple and fast, for a particularly affordable price.
  • count from 29 to 79 US $ / video + a trial offer


Moovly provides a tool to help companies produce creative animated videos. Moovly makes it easy to create tutorials, marketing videos, training videos in several different styles, using sounds, music, animation, video marketing, and photos or videos. You can edit videos on the whiteboard, 2D animation, and many other formats (graphics, presentations, e-cards …)
  • 2 paying offers (from 300 to 1500$ / year) + a free trial offer 


Mysimpleshow is an online video creation tool that allows entrepreneurs, startups, and brands to present their ideas or products to the public through creative and engaging explanatory videos. Created for the world of education and business, mysimpleshow is a feature-rich application that is simple and intuitive, so you can easily create your own whiteboard video.
  • 2 paying offers (from 948 to 4788 € / year) + free trial offer 


Nawmal is a software (Windows) that allows the realization of the 3D type of videos and comes with a library of characters, places, voice synthesis (in several languages) which is useful for your Video Marketing strategy.
  • pay offer (from US $ 1995 / year – 1800 € / year) + 7 day trial offer
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Pitchy (also see  PitchyExpress ) is a French online tool created in 2013, which allows you to create videos from pre-designed templates. Just choose a template and customize it with your own content: logo, text, visuals, video … via an intuitive interface. You’ll be able to make videos quickly and easily while reducing your production costs.
  • count from 99 to 399 € / video


PowerPoint (but is it still necessary to present it?) Is a program (Windows and OS X) slideshow presentation that is part of the suite of Microsoft Office tools? PowerPoint makes it easy to create, collaborate, and present your ideas in a dynamic and visually appealing way (source: Microsoft). It does not necessarily think at first, but PowerPoint also allows to make explanatory videos of high quality, without special technical knowledge and ease. Take a look at our offer: 60 PowerPoint templates for your explanatory videos to find out more.
  • 2 paying offers Office 365 included (from 106 to 126 € / year) 


PowToon, often touted as Goanimate’s direct competitor is an online tool designed to create a beautiful animated video, quickly and intuitively and of course popular among Video Marketing agnecies. You’ll be able to create engaging videos using a simple drag-and-drop system. Powtoon facilitates the creation process with a clear and ergonomic interface that will allow you to make videos or presentations (2D animated video, video on a whiteboard, computer graphics …) enriched with dynamic animations fluid in a cartoon style, and this very quickly.
  • 2 paying offers (from $ 228 to $ 708 / year) + free limited offer


Rawshorts allows you to make quality explanatory videos based on pre-designed templates to select and customize yourself via drag-and-drop. Rawshorts is different from the other tools presented here because you can buy your produced videos without necessarily having to subscribe, but by using credits that correspond to the export of your video. It is ideal for a punctual need.
  • 2 paying offers (from 468 to 708 US $ / year) + 3 credit-based offers (8, 12, 20 $ US / export) + limited free offer


Renderforest is an online tool for creating intro videos for Youtube, explanatory videos, animated logos, typography videos, product or service promo videos, slideshows (wedding, holidays, mobile App promo, event invitations, corporate presentations, infographics …). Renderforest also provides Toolkits, which allow you to draw from hundreds of elements (scenes, characters, objects …) in order to edit your video from A to Z without any pre-designed templates. Note that only the 2 “Business” and “Business” offers offer commercial rights for resale to third parties.

  • 4 paying offers (from 14 to 79 $ / Month) + 3 offers based on credits (10, 20, 30 $ / export) + free limited offer


TTS Sketch Maker (Text To Speech Sketch Maker)  is a software (Windows and OS X) that allows creating videos on the whiteboard with a voice-off (the only one of its category that allows this) generated automatically via translation tools automated. The tool is rather limited today with a fairly sparse rendering unsuitable in a professional environment. It no longer seems supported since its release, but still remains functional.
  • paid offer (37$+)


VideomakerFX  is a software (Windows and OS X) that allows you to create animated explanatory videos of type “Motion design”, “Typographic” or “whiteboard”, using a template library. VideomakerFX was released in 2014 and was the first software of its kind, to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make your own explanatory videos easy. Although the software has not evolved technically since 2015, it is still very practical and useful for use. FYI, it was his discovery that allowed us to launch PopcornVideo!
  • paid offer (37$+)


VideoRobot is an online application based on pre-designed templates to customize. You will be able to easily create your videos in different styles: video with 3D Avatar, typographic animation video, whiteboard video, a sales video, explanatory video, live video, and much more. The special feature of this application is that you can create your videos in any language! Note that the commercial version that allows the resale of videos to customers is included in the price.
  • Paid offer ($ 30.95)


Vidgeos is an online video creation and marketing application. A highlight of the application is the ability to automatically translate the text into the language of the viewer according to its location. Vidgeos offers video hosting and also offers “smart elements” that display specific information such as time, date, location, etc. Marketing features include the call to action, countdown, email registration forms, purchase buttons, and more. Making a video and putting it forward with marketing tools has never been easier. A very complete solution to make a video, to host it, and put it forward with marketing tools …
  • 2 paying offers (US $ 27 / month or $127 / year) 


Videoscribe is great software (Windows and OS X) to make videos on whiteboard video scribing type.
  • 2 paying offers (132 € / year or 480 € for life) + a trial offer


Videze is an online tool designed to create quickly and in a few clicks: live videos, kinetic typography, explanatory videos, animated logos, whiteboard videos, slideshows, and promotional videos. The number of videos to be created is limited according to the chosen offer: personal license (20 videos/month), commercial license (50 videos).
  • 2 paying offers (57 or 67$) 


Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) is an effective video creation tool, a true online editing studio; which allows creating a simple and fun way of professional animated videos. Without any previous experience, you can make a video very quickly in several styles: 2D animation, whiteboard, or video infographic. GoAnimate also uses a drag-and-drop interface and you can customize according to your needs, characters, movements, backgrounds … The application offers an extremely rich and varied library of pre-designed scenes, characters, objects, sets that you can combine at leisure to make an engaging video.
  • 3 paying offers (from 299 to 999 $ /year), free trial possible


Wideo is an online tool that offers a real professional studio to easily create explanatory videos. Wideo gives you access to a range of pre-designed templates, which you can customize by dragging and dropping by tapping into a library of over

1300 images and more than 50 music tracks.

  • 3 paying offers (228, 468 or 948 US $ / year) + free limited offer



VEED – With VEED, Video editing made simple. Online video editing platform for creating social media video content to promote your brand or business, in a matter of minutes! It is perfect for anyone looking for simple and fast video editing without the need to install or set up complex software and keep all your content, fonts, logos, and color palettes in one place, so you are always on-brand. VEED’s servers run on 100% Renewable Energy with no environmental impact.

Choose your plan: FREE, BASIC 12/mo USD, PRO 24/mo USD

OK, but make a video, it’s complicated!

It is true that it is not enough to have the tool available to make an effective explanatory video for your Video Marketing campaigne! There are still some points and steps to know. But rest assured, here are some articles that will guide you and help you:

  • How to write a video script?
  • Discover the ideal duration of a video
  • The importance of storytelling in video marketing
  • Is voiceover really important in explanatory videos?

A video is one of the best means of communication, with a good return on investment. But, if you do not have the time and energy to make an explanatory video yourself, then whatever the quality of the tool used, it may produce a bad result! And a bad video is bad publicity …

Although the software and online applications offer a large number of features and templates, you will not have complete control over the video, the script, the background music, the message, etc … in short, the overall vision.

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