How to Optimize Your Companies E-Commerce


Does your NYC based online retail shop need a bit of sprucing up? Could you use more traffic so that you can finally generate the type of revenue you’ve hoped for? Check out the following design tasks you’ll need to invest in so your NYC company can reach its goals.

Get a trustworthy, impressive homepage designed

The first thing that people are going to look at when they visit your site is the homepage. What type of message is your site sending?

Is the color scheme and the font outdated? Are both of these appropriate in appearance for the types of products or services your company sells? If you don’t have the knowledge or the time to design these yourself, then a digital marketing NYC agency can take over this task on your behalf.

Get a thank you page designed, too

The best e-Commerce sites include a thank you page as a part of their website structure. The thank-you page makes shoppers feel good about their transaction. It also formally signals the end of the transaction.

Finally, it encourages shoppers to come back to the website. Ask digital marketing NYC designers to set your store up with one.

Blogs are great marketing and branding tools

Thoughtful e-Commerce stores include blogs. Shoppers often look for them, and they’re delighted when they find them on a retail website.

Your blog can provide written text real estate when you want to announce new product roll-outs, sales, events, and thoughts that will help with branding and PR. Web designers are also trained to set you up with blogs.

Use social media for off-page SEO and linking

One of the most common and effective methods in digital marketing for generating off-page SEO is placing links to your site on social media platforms.

Think about the social media assets that you currently have and start creating appropriate content that links back to your store’s homepage.

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Consider using pop-ups

In digital marketing, the use of pop-ups and popovers is becoming increasingly common. The pop-up and the popover allows end-users to gain insight into promotion such as discounts, coupon codes, and sale count downs.

Additionally, you can use pop-ups and popovers to collect shopper email addresses.

Customers love leaving reviews

Over 90% of online shoppers use the review system to make purchases while expressing how they felt about a product or service. Review systems are here to stay, and you’d be wise to ask a web design agency about how to allow your shoppers to leave theirs.

Shoppers love leaving reviews because they want to express their excitement or their dissatisfaction about their shopping experience. They also want to urge or warn future shoppers.

Sell from a variety of platforms

Finally, while you’ll certainly want to generate as much traffic as possible to your main shopping site, you can work with a web design agency to create designs on a variety of selling platforms. After all, for branding purposes, you’ll want all of your marketing media to look uniform. Designers will know precisely how to get this done.

If you’re ready to take your e-commerce site to the next level, and if you’re ready to start generating more revenue, then reach out to a digital marketing agency NYC right now.


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