7 Best Essential Web Content Curation Tools


The curation of content is a strategic activity to perform an efficient watch on most subjects by the Internet, your competitors and influencers.

Here are 7 tools absolutely essential!



Mention is a beast to do everything for the platform takes unusually wide! Where HubSpot focuses on Twitter, search Mention the contents all over the web: Facebook, Twitter, G + and others, blogs, thematic websites and other news sites …

Just select a theme ( “My business / my product “//” a competitor “// …) then fill in the keywords to see displayed a flow of information on or the chosen themes.A summary of results is displayed, and the detailed and comprehensive place appears when clicking on it.Little bonus: Credit gives the possibility to publish content on social networks accounts and blogs.


Unable to make the curation of content without going through the inevitable Google News. The site can create custom searches on a particular topic by filling in again a group of keywords. Results are instantly provided with the opportunity to choose to be interested only in information from blogs. And creating alerts, you will receive this data directly to your email or SMS, and once a day or once a week.


Buzzsummo allows you to search content for one keyword at a time, but its scope of investigations overcomes this little constraint. For Buzzsumo is somehow the Google of social networks to the extent that he traces targeted content from absolutely all social media brands. Insurance does not miss any content published or shared on all social networks! Results are sorted by the same number of shares, which perfectly informed about the weight and importance of a particular theme.


Simple yet extremely effective! By subscribing to the newsletter of your major competitors, you will be informed on what they say, how they say it, what their news. Moreover, this will give you the opportunity to identify topics on the times they address to stay always in the know! It’ll just go on the websites of your three, four, five (or more!) Larger competitors and subscribe to their newsletter. Moreover, they can even be done with your newsletter !

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Once you have an account on Twitter, you can use the tool Twitter Search. Ease of use and performance, the solution can locate all members of Tweets (customers, prospects, influencers …) of competing companies, personalities, influencers that discuss a particular topic. Simply fill keywords and hashtags to follow conversations and shared content.


Scoop It is part of market-leading solutions to achieve a content curation worthy of the name. Because the platform scans the web in all its forms and worldwide. Various criteria are used to refine the search, such as the sites to sift (news Google, Facebook, Twitter …) or the language. And the result is given as a refreshable newspaper online in real time. An aerated layout that greatly facilitates the acquisition of information. Bonus: Scoop It offers the ability to share content on social networks recovered accounts or the company’s blog.


If HubSpot and LA must inbound marketing platform, it is also very useful to identify, filter and merge the hot topics of the moment, those related to your industry. HubSpot and is particularly interested in what is said and shared on Twitter. Because the brand is positioned in third place in the top three social networks, with nearly 13 million members in France. Y lead an idle content is a must.The “Social” tab and “Monitoring” of HubSpot are so formidable as efficiency. By simply filling in a few keywords, HubSpot has then put together a complete flow of publications from its members, i.e., your existing customers and potential customers, your competitors, and influencers the most prominent of the moment. HubSpot, Mention, Google News, Buzzsumo, newsletters, Twitter Search, Scoop it … you’re now armed as it should get you in the battle of the curation of content!

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