5 Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your E-Reputation


You will discover the 5 reasons why you should imperatively control your e-reputation!

With the explosion of the Internet, any brand or company must now ensure its reputation online. The e-reputation is the set of signals (reviews, comments, publications …) present on the Internet on a brand, an agency or a person. At a time when opinions are multiplying and the web is constantly renewing, it is necessary for any company to monitor that its online reputation is as positive as possible.

1- Knowing all that is said about you

Whether you like it or not, with the Internet and the explosion of social networks, Internet users want to comment and give feedback on products, services or brands they use. Internet users do not wait for a Facebook page on behalf of the brand to give their opinions, so even if you are not there, you are there anyway! Also noteworthy is the emergence of sites devoted to collecting the opinions of Internet users (example: Yelp.fr, TripAdvisor.fr ..) and even goes so far as awarding ratings from consumers, what to feel constantly judged! Monitoring your e-reputation will let you know if your online reputation is rather positive or negative.

 2- Check your image on the Internet

Which company would not like to have only positive opinions? When it is known that 60% of Internet users prefer to click on the other search results rather than on the official site of the company, (Source: Digital Firefly 2013) it is essential to design a watch to generate a positive your business. If you only have negative opinions, the Internet user will quickly be discouraged from contacting you, while if the opinions on the Internet are positive, the consumer will be more willing to call on you. By monitoring your reputation on the web and setting up a watch, you can make corrections regarding defamatory, abusive or disrespectful language.

3- Analyze the collected data

It is important to analyze the comments and opinions you have about your brand or company. With instant messages, you have to know how to respond quickly. To address this issue, a strategic intelligence and action plan must be put in place. If we are interested in the figures, we learn that following the discovery of the opinions of consumers, 2 out of 3 Internet users have already changed their opinion in relation to their starting position. Worse still, when we know that 43% of companies think they have negative information on the first page Google. (Source: Reputation VIP (2014) – study with 1700 Google pages of companies) Does a user often go beyond the first Google page to get information? The answer is negative, unfortunately. Analyzing the data,

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 4- Optimize your visibility on the Internet

With e-reputation, you will have knowledge of what is said about you. You will be able to measure your brand awareness on the Internet and become aware of your qualitative and quantitative representation. Listen, watch, react, the Internet keeps track of everything you say. Broadcasting your own content will also allow you to convey positive comments and thereby improve your popularity and gain confidence.

 5- Improve your SEO

If the user types your business name or brand name on Google and it falls on negative reviews, they may move on. This is why it is important that positive research is best referenced so that the consumer does not change the decision and always want to contact you. The threats that you can perceive on the Internet impact the credibility of your company but also the sales that you can realize and therefore consequently your turnover.


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