How to Do Promotions for your Product or Business


If you work for a company that manufactures products or provides services and are in charge of making promotions, worth to ask yourself: Do we have good practice?  What follows are some tips.


Well do you define the target audience? The target audience of a promotion can not be defined with generalities as "housewives # a # years"; indeed, in many cases not even the target market of your brand-product is specific enough; is not the same if they are users of the category or not, if they are loyal users yours or competition, if switchers , etc .; the situation can change by state and city; They can also be certain members of a particular distribution channel.


You should know what your target audience does and what you want to do as a result of your promotion; sometimes intents may be relational or transactional. Some marketers might fall into the trap of wanting everything and get nothing "to try me, buy me, to recommend me, also acquire this or that, page views, clicks, likes, etc.".

KPI and goal

Once you know the target audience and purpose of promotion you must establish a metric to set a goal "SMART" (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and on a certain date).

promotional Brief

If you need creative help to generate a new promotional concept Do you develop and show a clear brief to the agency communication / promotions? The brief must set the essence and brand positioning, the target, purpose and promotion budget, among other things.

Mechanical and communication must be clear and simple for the target

very elaborate mechanical, or requires many steps by the target, will have problems redemption. I've seen mechanics who want to be so "story telling" or as "experiential" that only geniuses and ascetics would be willing to meet the requirements.

Evaluation system pre and post

Are You repeat the same   promotions year with year just because you think they work or because your customers or clients are used or because you are simply ran out of creativity? Do you throw assuming new promotions are very creative and that will result without first evaluating?

The launch new promotional concepts can be helpful, but you must set up a system that allows you to evaluate proposals before releasing promotional and measure the results of promotions and executed; the "post-mortem" evaluations not necessarily be limited to the period of the promotion, but can contemplate longer periods. If you are promotions in retail outlets do an intermediary, the sell-in may not be enough; in many cases you must assess the sell-out.

For Transnational Promotions you must set the expected ROI

To calculate the ROI you should know how to calculate the additional gross margin generated by your promotion and agree to finance, from the outset, whether the activity should be self-realizable or not.

To end

Many promotional activities are done in conjunction with other marketing activities and the overall result of integrated efforts can be positive; but if we do not evaluate promotional activities in isolation, we can infer that were effective but without mechanical check and correct executions.

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