Complete Guide to Video Marketing in 2021


Making a Video Marketing strategy is a great way to grab the attention of your target audience. Indeed, every day hundreds of thousands of hours are spent watching videos on platforms such as Youtube.

In addition, Internet users tend to prefer this format to articles that require a certain amount of concentration. It is therefore in your best interest to integrate video into your video marketing strategy.

Several companies have already adopted it and some can testify to a positive return on investment. To gain visibility, you can also create videos for your website and social networks.

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How to make Video Marketing Strategy?

Several prerequisites are necessary to create an interesting marketing video.

Make a powerful marketing video: think about the target

This point is to put yourself in the place of the target. That is to say that the video content must be able to answer the questions or even the needs of Internet users.

As much as possible, share concrete information. Talk about the things you know or promote your products. Talk about yourself with the aim of reinforcing your brand image. Make an original company presentation video.

Define your goal for the motion design project

Video Marketing SurveyThis point is somewhat similar to the previous one. Indeed, it requires that you have a precise idea of ​​the expected results in terms of digital video marketing.

If these are your first steps in video marketing, expect the possibility of a moderately satisfactory result. Stay positive, it gives you the opportunity to improve your storytelling art. In particular by analyzing the various performance indicators linked to your objective. Also, ask yourself the right questions to identify the various points to correct in order to move forward.

Note that these tips can be followed to maximize the value of your content.

Write the content marketing script

If you’ve watched a few videos on Youtube and social media, you may have noticed that some influencers are improvising in their content. In their case, it may work to a greater or lesser degree, in yours this tactic should be avoided. Among other things, it can damage the quality of the video, your credibility, and your brand image.

The ideal for effective communication through video marketing is to write a script. By adopting this technique in your marketing strategy, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Your storytelling takes on a better structure and keeps prospects going until the end.
  • The ideas are linked together in an orderly fashion.
  • The video has a more interesting background.
  • You convey a more professional image to consumers.
  • Video content with real value is more likely to connect potential customers with your brand image.
  • A more concrete and precise vision of the type of content you want to achieve to achieve your goal.
  • A storyboard that is easier to make.

While writing your speech, avoid jargon and complicated words. Your communication strategies, including that of video marketing, must focus on simplicity to captivate and above all ensure an optimal conversion rate.

Storyboard for your marketing video

Another part of your video marketing strategy is the storyboard. It keeps the common thread throughout the creation of your content.

After you’ve defined the target customer and your goals, move on to the length of the video. The length of the latter depends on the media (s) on which you will make it public. Youtube is ideal for long filmed content such as a tutorial video. While social networks like Linkedin and Facebook are suitable for short videos of 1-minute duration.

Maximize lead conversion rate by inserting calls to action at the end of your videos. This can be a directing link to your company website, your contact details, share the link, subscribe to the newsletter, etc. Everything is good as long as the customer has the opportunity to contact you.

Depending on the type of video to be created, you can opt for one or more locations.

You already know that in order for consumers to watch your videos to the end, it is important to bring rhythm to your content. The editing part helps you with this plan because it makes it easier to link the sequences together.

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How to make a video attractive?

Everyone loves to watch videos. This is also the case for consumers who want to learn more about a brand or a product. Given the number of videos circulating on the web, social networks, and specialized platforms, it is difficult to capture the attention of the target customer. Even more, if you don’t know how to make your filming efforts attractive to everyone.

Video marketing strategy: give an impactful title to capture the customer’s interest

Before viewing your content, a potential customer will check to see if the title is of any interest to them.

Therefore, to encourage him to view your filmed work, give it an impactful title.

Focus on quality content

More and more Internet users want to obtain information quickly. Compared to reading articles, videos on the web already meet this demand quite well. However, you also have to consider the fact that if the content drags on before it gets to the point, the potential customer will stop watching it. Which decreases your chances of creating engagement and a great customer journey.

To avoid this, make sure your communication is direct. Engage prospects from the first seconds. Think about and answer any questions they might have while watching your videos. Explain how your brand and what you represent can bring them into their daily lives. Finally, avoid bragging about your professional achievements, no matter how tempting it is …

Video marketing: adapt to the ideal duration for each social media

In addition to making sure you keep the interest of Internet users, make sure that the duration of each of your videos corresponds to the different social networks where you plan to publish them. Here are the characteristics of each social network according to Hubspot.

  • Youtube, this online viewing giant knows how to be essential for both 2-minute videos and long videos.
  • With Facebook, prefer entertaining and short 1-minute formats.
  • Thanks to Linkedin and the 1-minute format, you can create new contacts and share recent information about your business.
  • If you are going to use video on Instagram, prefer 30-second, personal content.
  • Twitter is also ideal for updating your business information in a 45-second format. 

Film yourself vertically to give your brand better visibility

Until a few years ago, videos filmed vertically showing black bands were not very popular. Currently, it is quite the opposite: the vertical video format is used more and more. Quite simply because Internet users more often watch a video on their smartphone and therefore vertically.

Social media awareness of all of this removes black bars when a video is viewed vertically. Note that you can still use other video formats for your website. For example, the square format, portrait, or landscape format.

Create an emotional connection and entertain with the use of humor

A touch of humor can be very useful in capturing the interest of consumers. Young Internet users and people, in general, remember things that make them laugh more easily. In addition, humor often helps create an emotional connection.

Including a little joy in your video marketing strategy can therefore prove to be positive in creating engagement and increasing brand awareness.

However, it is hard to laugh at everything, even more so if you work in a sensitive sector such as health. The use of humor for your videos, therefore, depends on the products or services offered, your editorial strategy, the target market, and your personas.

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Favor educational content

Promoting your products or brand to create engagement can be positive.

However, you can do more by giving tips or advice to your target audience. In this way, you increase your chances of meeting their needs.

Integrate subtitles into your video marketing strategy

You will no doubt have noticed this tendency to watch videos as soon as the opportunity arises. This can happen in public transport, during a break at work … In short, in places where it might be inappropriate to turn up the volume of your smartphone. Hence the importance of placing subtitles in your content for video marketing.

This is all the more recommended because social networks like Facebook and Instagram automatically start playing video without the sound activated. Because of this, without the presence of captions, it can be difficult to get traffic and engage people on a buying journey.

Optimize the visibility of filmed content with SEO

The value of video marketing would be irrelevant if the number of consumers viewing your content is low. Thanks to SEO, you will have a better chance that your videos will be seen.

Posting your videos on Youtube is a good idea as it is one of the first video search engines. By inserting relevant keywords, your video marketing communication project will benefit from good SEO.

Work with the right agency to ensure the success of your video marketing strategy.

Why make a presentation video?

There are several reasons why it may be relevant for your business to make a presentation video.

Get your message across through a plasticity means of communication

In today’s society, almost everyone spends entire hours on social media. More than looking at different content such as video, Internet users like and share them.

Among other things, if the quality is there for your video marketing project, your message will be relayed by your targets.

Marketing video to draw attention to your financial support projects

In order to develop your business, you can look for means of financing other than the bank loan. Crowdfunding or crowd funding can help you in this direction.

To entice investors to turn to you, your introductory video can do the trick.

Allow as many people as possible to discover your business

Gaining the trust of prospects is also good for pushing them into a commitment to your brand. A presentation of yourself on your website is good, but a behind-the-scenes video is better.

Your corporate promotional video can be in the form of an infomercial, an interview, or highlighting the skills of your teams. Young people particularly appreciate this opportunity to see behind the scenes.

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How to create effective video marketing for a digital strategy?

Here are some tips for creating effective video marketing 2021.

The material for making video

To shoot, you obviously need a camera. If your phone’s performance and stability are enough, there’s no need to go for a state-of-the-art camera purchase. Otherwise, investing in the latter would be necessary.

Mistakes to avoid for an effective video marketing strategy

The filming session should be done in a quiet, open space. Be aware that to the naked eye, exposure to light may seem ideal, but on video, the reality is quite different. For this reason, check this setting before you start shooting.

Also, consider shooting from different angles if you are shooting outdoors. This will give a more dynamic side to your video. In addition, take your time to have several sequences and ensure certain stability.

If you are making an unedited video like a live video, master your speech to avoid hesitation and blanks. In case you plan to edit the video, you can cut these moments.

The best agencies in your area know every single one of these tips. Sortlist can put you in touch with them.

What is the goal of a video marketing strategy?

Video Marketing TrendsA video content marketing strategy can meet several objectives. Here they are.

Offer your business better communication

Video is the best way to grab the attention of internet users. With good reason, sights and sounds are generally perceived to be more impactful than written words.

Video marketing to improve your brand image.

Among the best goals for video is the possibility of gaining notoriety. Indeed, posting videos on the web allows you to:

  • Increase the visibility of your business and traffic to your website.
  • Promote your products and services when consumers are looking for them.
  • Attract more customers.
  • Improve the reputation and awareness of your brand.

Gain transparency vis-à-vis third parties

Your video marketing strategies can be essential to speak transparently about your business.

Internet users knowing your identity, your processes, and values ​​will trust you more. Without forgetting the expertise of your teams which can reassure them.

The objective of the video marketing: optimize SEO referencing

Creating a Youtube video or for another platform is likely to improve your positioning on search engines.

What you should know is that the more people view a video, the more it goes up in search results. As a result, the traffic to your website increases.

Encourage the customer’s purchasing journey

Boosting sales is arguably the most sought-after goal of video marketing. Today, thanks to the Internet, Internet users research products before each purchase. In fact, they make sure of their quality and that they will correspond to their needs.

The video format that can lead to a purchase is wide. There are tutorial videos, product tests, interviews, advertising …

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How important is story-telling in video marketing?

Everyone loves stories and asks to discover new ones regularly. Storytelling is precisely an art that can be most useful in optimizing traffic to your video blog or your business website. Here are the reasons why you should embrace the art of story creation.

Create emotion and commitment

Prospects don’t like ads that directly entice them to make a purchase. This is why it is useful to turn to storytelling videos that invite reading between the lines without directly prompting to make a purchase.

Telling a story as part of your video communication strategies helps deliver less commercial content. With this format, it is more the emotion and the discovery of an adventure that plays out. If the experience touches your target, more than the simple stimulation to make a purchase, she feels the urge to invest in introducing you to them.

Tell your story to highlight the human side

When it comes to building customer engagement, there’s nothing like talking about what inspired you to make your products or offer your services.

In addition to reassuring Internet users, you convey the impression that you are addressing them face to face.

Talk about the benefits of your brand using storytelling and video marketing

Opting for the technique of storytelling in your video marketing strategy allows you to expose the benefits of your business. Even better to show off all that you have achieved for your previous clients.

Seeing this, the qualities of your achievements, Internet users will be more inclined to trust you.


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