4 Effective Coupon Marketing Tips To Consider


You may have gone through a few reasons why you should work with coupon marketing, and now you want to start working with coupons. That’s a good thing, but where to start and how to gauge effectiveness is something that will definitely be painstaking at first glance. Jumping out of the gate with a 50% off coupon, for instance, is not a good way to start working with this. Desperation moves is not going to help build your business, which is why you need to consider a few effective coupon marketing tips before you settle on any path. It’s easy to get carried away with dropping the price on goods and services, and it’s easy to lose customers when the value of products dips too low. There’s a certain balancing act that needs to be heralded when working with this type of marketing plan, no matter how you slice it, and that’s why a few tips can go a long way in delivering the right effectiveness to your campaigns today.

Interactive Coupons Work Great

Don’t just assume that you need physical or even graphic coupons. Most businesses today rely on digital framework, and you can too. Making sure that you have a code, or something that is intangible is a good way to start moving forward with this opportunity to market your business and products a bit more. If you’re dealing with an ecommerce solution, this becomes paramount. The promotional component of discounting through coupon codes is usually established through the checkout process and it’s becoming a standard. It’s obvious that ecommerce solutions wouldn’t focus on print versions of discounts, but some companies make the mistake and go that route anyways. Reaching people offline to get to your online store is possible, but it’ shouldn’t be the focal point up front.

Exchange Information For Discounts

One way to ensure that your coupons are going to the right people, and are going to be used by customers is to include them in your newsletters. If you have an email newsletter, or you have a blog that you update, make sure that you are including information in regards to coupons. In order for a person to get savings delivered to them, they’ll need to give you an email address. This exchange of information is something that is a standard online and should be considered heavily. All major marketing professionals know the power of establishing an email list, and promoting coupons through email is one of the standards of ecommerce sales structure. Don’t miss out on this. When someone sees that you’re updating your information through an email newsletter, and they do not see an incentive to shop with you, they will most likely just delete the mail. However, if you have a coupon code to save money, they may just click through and browse, which is winning half of the proverbial battle.

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Find Coupon Companies

There are currently a lot of different coupon companies that deliver a lot of mail to consumers. Partnering with them works in two ways. You will find that you can have print coupons delivered through the mail, but more importantly, you will have access to their digital database. Their database will send consumers coupons and information to their email inbox. Much like building your own email list, this is a powerful way to connect with people digitally. Many coupon companies do not give out their list to anyone, which means that you will have to pay for the privilege to get sent out with the rest of the digital coupons, but with a built in mail component, you can win on both side of the coin. Find out what companies deliver digital coupons alongside direct marketing and you may have a winning cycle on your hands.

Text Messaging For The Future

Millions of people have smartphones. It’s a standard that is not going to change anytime soon. That means that they are also shopping on their phone and you will need to reach them somehow. Some companies can help you with delivering text messages to millions of consumers, and that is one way to get your message across. A discount coupon delivered via text may seem intrusive, but it could be a part of a contest, or other type of opt in that will work as part of a larger business plan. You may not be able to execute this without the help of a third party company, but it is definitely well worth looking into.

The aforementioned tips for coupon marketing are not only effective, they are standards in the world of advertising online. Test them out and see how they can change your market share fast.

Nick Dean works at Couponedo, an online coupon maker that helps small businesses market more effectively. This is the third article in his coupon marketing series.