16 Crazy Statistics on Digital Marketing

16 crazy statistics on digital marketing
16 crazy statistics on digital marketing

Web marketing, like marketing, is like promoting a service or product. But as its name suggests, web marketing refers to the marketing technique implemented online, on the net.

Here are 16 impressive statistics that will make you aware of the importance of digital marketing.

16 crazy statistics on digital marketing
16 crazy statistics on digital marketing
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Websites by billions

1 – 1.4 billion sites

Today there are more than 1.4 billion websites worldwide.

An incredible figure that reflects an awareness of the importance of creating your website and developing your online presence.

2 – 800,000 sites created daily

These are more than 800,000 sites created each day. Suffice to say that creating your website is not enough anymore, it is now necessary to create a powerful website and referenced to give itself a chance to be visible on the net.

Blogs that influence buying decisions

3 – Blogs have 63% more influence than magazines

Before, brands make monstrous efforts to appear in the most read magazines.

Justified efforts since these magazines influence the purchasing decisions of their audience.

Today, it seems like it’s the turn of blogs to be at the center of consumer buying decisions.

Images give visibility to articles

4 – 94% more views thanks to the images

Images give more visibility to articles, that’s it, it’s proven!

Internet users love the visual, and for good reason, the visual attracts the eye and makes you want to click, to know more.

As a result, articles with images account for 94% more views than those with no.

The longer it is, the more your article will generate commitment.

5 – 1500 word articles generate an average of 68.1% tweets and 22.6% more likes than shorter articles

In other words, if you want to generate engagement on the networks, produce and distribute articles of 1,500 words or more!

List items are in fashion

6 – Articles list: 200% more links than others

We’ve probably told you, list items are in fashion! Moreover, the success of websites like Topito is witnessed.

Also, if you want to put the odds on your side to make the buzz, propose articles lists!

That said, a question arises: is it just a fad that will disappear as quickly as it happened?

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YouTube second king of the web?

7- 1.5 billion active users Youtube every month.

Youtube would be the second most used search engine after Google, and proof: the platform has 1.5 billion assets per month. Proof that the videos, please!

The video on the front of the stage

8 – Videos: 267% + effective than other types of content

In addition to being fun, videos generate more engagementclicks, and conversions. They are thus much more effective in marketing than other content.

The video hypnotizes the surfer

9 – Visitors who spend 2 more minutes on your site thanks to the video

2 minutes is the average time spent on a website thanks to a video.

So if you want to improve your average visit time, integrate video to your site.

More than an hour of video a day

10 – More than an hour of Facebook or YouTube video viewed by 45% of Internet users each week.

45% of Internet users watch more than one hour of video each day, just on Facebook and Youtube. Proof once again that video makes you happy!

11 – 100 million hours of video watched every day Facebook.

45% of Internet users who watch more than one hour of video per week,

that translates into 100 million hours of video watched every day on Facebook alone.

So what are you waiting for to put yourself in the video too?

Video advertising helps with the buying decision

12 – 50% of Internet users search for videos before going to a store to purchase

A figure that shows that in addition to appreciating, users find the video extremely useful to get an idea or to discover a product or service.

13 – Video advertising helps to persuade 73% of consumers to buy a product or service

A figure that clearly reveals the effectiveness and power of video marketing.

If you are still not convinced, do not hesitate to inquire about the realization of videos drawn which explains a little more the essential role of videos.

Internet users need assistance

14 – 83% of Internet users say they need help on a web interface

A figure that demonstrates the usefulness of the click to chat on your interfaces.

Given this figure, we can still question the intuitive nature of the interfaces created and ask if there are no optimizations (other than the click to chat) to provide to improve the ease of use of Web sites.

Net surfers in a hurry

15 – More than 75% of Internet users never go beyond the first page in the search results

Internet users do not bother to go beyond the first page of search results. As a result, if you are not on the first page, it’s more than 75% of Internet users who will not find you.

The first position: the grail

16 – Google’s first position: a click rate of 34.36% on desktops and 31.35% on mobiles.

Two figures that reinforce the previous figure and that justify the efforts put in place by site references to see their sits up the ranks of the SERP.

In conclusion, get fast SEO and optimize your site to try to achieve better positions. Of course, if you are already in first place, we can only congratulate you!

You will have noticed, the 16 statistics have been exceeded, this article is finished! It’s up to you to make good use of these numbers.


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