10 Clues That Your Marketing Automation Project Is Taking Water

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During Marketing Automation Project, You’ve implemented a marketing automation strategy for a variety of reasons: boosting your productivity, attracting new leads, aligning your sales and marketing. You have spent months learning about the best solutions for your business and its needs. You may have been accompanied by an agency for the implementation of the tool. But you do not see the expected results.

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Is this lack of results normal? Should you wait a little longer or is it urgent to act? In short, how do you know if your marketing automation project is taking water?

Here are ten clues that your marketing automation project is in the air.

# 1 – You use marketing automation project only to send emails

Since setting up your marketing automation solution, you have not explored its features but you continue to use it as a classic emailing platform. You create your emails, segment your contacts into mailing lists, and tinker with traditional newsletters. No workflow, often only one-shot, rarely follow-up emails.

For this type of use, no need for a HubSpot. A mass emailing platform is sufficient. You are missing out on the great potential of your automation tool!

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# 2 – You are not able to measure the ROI of each of your campaigns

If you can not calculate the value of leads you get from your marketing automation investments, track customer conversions and evolutions from an automation campaign, you will never be able to understand if your strategy is profitable.

It will be difficult, if not impossible, to improve your results.

Source: OptinMonster article

# 3 – You have not gained in productivity 

The goal of marketing automation is just automated many tasks to increase marketing productivity and efficiency to power the sales teams as leads.

This type of tool makes it easy to create and duplicate landing pages, emails, CTAs, workflows, and entire campaigns. If you do not notice an improvement in your productivity, it, unfortunately, means that your strategy is not optimal. Learn about the possibilities that the tool offers you!

# 4 – Your salespeople are not aware of the deployment of the marketing automation tool

Have you not communicated on the establishment of a (new) marketing automation tool with your Sales team? Think about it for a second: salespeople work with CRM. CRM must be connected to the marketing automation tool to minimize manual actions and track leads throughout processing.

If the sales representative is not informed and properly trained in the use of the tool, he will not provide the correct information in the CRM and will make the reading of the data and the automation of the customer journey difficult.

# 5 – You have not documented your processes

For your marketing automation strategy, you will have to build and document your personas, the customer journey, your Lead Nurturing scenarios (and the content to be created to feed them), your Data Model (fields and forms), your Lead Scoring system (points positive and negative attributed automatically to your leads).

If you do not document all of these elements before implementing the tool, it will be very difficult to have a clear vision of your strategy. You have to fill everything in an Excel or PowerPoint file and update the information as soon as there are evolutions.

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# 6 – You do not use a clear nomenclature

You must urgently change the landing page of your March 2017 e-book. You frantically scrub the list of your 72 landing pages, but you can not get your hands on it. Sweat begins to bead on your forehead. You have found a “white paper 2 ok” and an “E-book fr final version 17”, but is it a landing page for downloading said white paper, the Thank You Page or a Philippe test, your trainee very nice but not very smart?

You do not know what your email matches: newsletter, follow-up, reminder, relaunch? You do not know in which language your different contents have been written. A situation of this type will undoubtedly lead to great confusion: you risk sending the wrong content to the wrong people and you will not be able to measure your results effectively.

# 7 – You do not have governance rules in place, you do not control your data

Data can be used to understand the behavior of contacts in your database by providing context and performance monitoring elements. It is imperative to organize your data in clear and structured models.

Without an organization, no one will understand how your properties work and it will be extremely difficult to work with others on the platform, especially when new colleagues join your team.

How to create powerful forms and content if no one knows where the collected data are landing and how to segment them correctly?

# 8 – Your salespeople complain of receiving too many unnecessary notifications

If the sales team comments on the fact that they receive many unnecessary notifications in the automation tool, this means that there is a problem with the settings.

Salespeople need to be kept informed about some relevant marketing activities for Marketing Automation Project are directly from CRM but do not go back to CRM for all marketing events. Too many notifications would make the situation unmanageable for the sales teams. Prioritize actions and interactions that show a significant commitment from a prospect (such as visiting the Rates page or opening a promotional email).

# 9 – Your scoring is useless

You have scored in place, you have spent time (too much time?), But in the end, nobody uses it, not even you. Worse, some unskilled contacts become MQL behind your back and trigger unwanted notifications from sales reps.

Source: Righton interactive

# 10 – Your marketing automation project and CRM synchronization is poorly done

Poor synchronization in Marketing Automation Project usually results in a poorly organized database, with little or no segmentation, which is difficult to use.

The reason for this failure? You may not have cleaned up your CRM database before synchronization, incomplete contact sheets, and incorrect information have been passed to the marketing automation software. Or you did not segment your leads right from the start, which invalidates your scoring system and makes it impossible for marketers to mature and qualify prospects.


Did you recognize yourself in one or more of the indices on this list? Your marketing automation project is in danger and it does not bring you the results it should.


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