Trading without Any Indicator


Every trader has different forex trading techniques. There are those who trade using indicators, there are also traders who are more comfortable trading without indicators. Which one is actually better? On this occasion, what will forex discuss about profit forex trading techniques without these indicators? Complete with a discussion of the technique, comparison of trading using or without using indicators, as well as tips on forex trading without indicators. Okay, because I also like a lot of lip service so we just start.

There are some of my fellow traders who are very happy trading without indicators. Starting from accidental tau-tau can get a profit of up to 50 pips/day. It looks interesting and I am also curious about forex trading techniques without that indicator.

Indicators make it easy for us to decide what transactions we want to take. These tools will give an overview of market conditions and predictions in which direction the market will move. When an indicator is no longer “considered” its presence by a trader, it can be possible for the trader to enter into the type:


This type is 95% dependent on fundamental news. So technical analysis is not used at all. From here he was inspired to make transaction decisions.


Those who like systematic calculations and good at math (I call it that) will trade by relying on calculus logic and statistical calculations to find entry points. So they don’t need technical analysis.


Only with graphics, they can already predict the market conditions going forward. Which group do you belong to? Is the fundamental trader, the blind trader, the graph trader or not all three? Only you and God knows. However, there is always a way to trade with indicator and still gaining some profit, for example, if you use Agimat indicator that you can learn here.

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Beginner traders usually want to try many styles in their trading. I think it’s fine as long as they try it on a demo account. Why do you have a demo account? Yes, the essence of the account is made for those who want to learn and develop their trading plan. To get a FREE demo account you can click the picture below.

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