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Smartness has always been a major advantage of today’s tech savvy world. The boundless growth of technology has made possible an environment defined by the click of a mouse or rather a tap of our finger. In this fast growing world, to keep pace with our surroundings and make the best use of the resources available, it is important to act smartly. To utilise the available technology as a boon we need to learn a few time saving and cost reducing hacks for every day transactions. All of us are more or less lost in a trance amongst the plentiful options that we are spoiled with. Hence, it is an absolute necessity to escape being trapped in this unnecessary confusion of choosing from these choices. This being the need of the hour, comes to our rescue by providing us with exceptional benefits which would leave us all grateful to its service.

This website is nothing less than an epitome of comfort, giving us the best possible results and deals on selected category of the product of our interest. In layman terms, this is a ‘Price Comparison’ website which brings to our notice the prices of three major categories of products namely Mobiles, Books and Cameras. It does not stop with these. The latest update to the site has added a section which enlists the best deals that one might find useful from a wide spread of e-commerce shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and the likes. This website does all the taxing hard work that one has to go through browsing these elaborate online shopping sites otherwise and finally presents to us the most sensible and smart deals on the product that we require.

Hence, this website is righty named as Price‘jugaad’ providing us with the perfect ‘hack’ to save time and money.

To ensure we can utilise this website to the best of our needs and interest, it is only fitting to gain good insight about the various features this site has to provide us. To begin with, let us see its:


Webpage Layout:

This website is extremely user friendly with a very legible and neat design. The option tabs are well spaced out and can be accessed with ease. On entering the website you will be seeing its home screen. On the topmost edge of this page a pleasant blue tab is present. On the extreme left corner is the main menu drop down icon and Pricejugaad website’s logo. On the right corner you will find the DOWNLOAD APP option alongside the LOGIN option. Just below this tab, four category select icons would be present. The categories available are Mobiles, Cameras, Books and Deals. Right below these you will find the search tab on which you can also again directly select the category.

pricejugaad india home

Now let us move on to each individual category:



There are four sub sections for ease of use on the Mobile section of this website. You can browse a number of phones falling under the following sections:

  • Best Deals: The most cost saving mobile deals available in the online stores are cautiously searched and verified by the website. After narrowing down upon a certain set of the best deals at current time, these mobile phones are clustered under this section.
  • Featured Products: The mobile products in this category are those which have always been the top favourite or most preferred by customers around. These are mobiles which have stood the test of time and have hence been able to stand strong even during days of heavy competition.
  • New Arrivals: For those of you who are ardent followers of current updates and happenings in the mobile phone world, this section will give you exactly what you need. Also if are the kind of person who always wishes to keep up with the current gadget trend by flaunting mobiles as and when something new pops up, then this is exactly where you need to look up. All the recently released phones in the market and there in depth details can be found here.
  • Customer speaks: Always Pricejugaad gives the views of customer’s prime importance. Standing by this, this section is dedicated entirely to their views and thoughts about the products, their problems and possible solutions.

These sections will be updated regularly and help the user get the desired information.

One can also directly search for a specific mobile by entering the name of the mobile directly in the search bar on the home page. This will take you to screen which displays the name of the mobile in bold first. Following this there will be three display tabs alongside the actual picture of the mobile phone.


  • BEST PRICE: This will display the current best price. After comparing the prices of the particular mobile among all the online stores, the most beat and cheap price will be displayed here. Next to the price you will find an alert (bell) like symbol which is the price drop alert.


  • FEATURE SCORE: This gives you the Feature Score. This score is decided based on careful analysis of the technical specifications of that particular phone. Those in the Pricejugaad team with high expertise and sound technical knowledge will scrutinise the specifications of individual products and fix a score out of 100. This score shows how good a phone is in terms of its quality.
  • SENTIMENT SCORE: Following this, there is a very innovative tab called the Sentiment Score tab. This gives a score based on the user reviews and their sentiments reflected in their reviews for that phone. This saves a lot of time for users, as they need not have to read all the individual user reviews to get an idea about the product. For this, Pricejugaad uses a very intelligent system which has the capability of analysing and concluding a suitable sentiments score.
  • COMPARE & USER OPINION: Two important features are present right below these three tabs highlighted in orange. So the user can also compare another mobile phone with the present phone in terms of price and all technical specifications side by side without having to switch to and fro between different tabs and make a satisfactory choice.

user reviews

  • ONLINE STORES SECTION: Following this is the Online Stores section which shows the top best prices for that mobile along with the respective sellers. This saves you a lot of time and money as you need not have to individually search every store by visiting their apps or website personally.
  • PRICE FORECAST [Price Analytics section]: Then you have the Price Analytics section which gives you a graphical picture of the current market’s price trend. It highlights each online dealer’s curve with a distinct colour for ease of understanding. Also the price trend would be mapped from the day of release of the phone until the current day. It is a ‘Price’ vs. ‘Timeline’ graph. When we click on the curve at any point, a pop up box appears which lists the exact price of the phone in each online store on that particular day.
  • PRICE PREDICTION: For those who are not comfortable interpreting the graph, the exact graph is explained through words highlighting the latest price, best price and availability. Also there have been unsatisfied customers earlier who would have purchased a product after checking the current price of the mobile. Then in a couple of days or weeks, the price of the product would have dropped considerably. In order to save the users from such problems, Pricejugaad has a price prediction software which predicts the probable price of the mobile in the near future. This prediction is based on the past trends and the respective ups and downs in the price curves. This feature of this website has been the most revolutionary one and welcomes by users to an exceptional extent.

best price

  • SPECS & USER REVIEWS: Next you will find a section enlisting the technical specifications of the mobile. Then comes the user opinions column following which is the list of similar products.

These features make this website an amazing option to make the best use of one’s time and money. Let us not worry anymore about making wrong choices or dread thinking about having to spend our valuable time and energy into narrowing down upon a product from amongst an ocean of options.

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