In The Age Of Big Data, What Is A Data Scientist?

    What Is A Data Scientist

    A key position for the management of corporate digital data, this new job remains unclear. The Data Scientist can nevertheless be defined as a person in charge of the processing and evaluation of the data of a company. Very demanding by start-ups, this job requires a wide range of skills and abilities in analysis, statistics, and mathematics. In order to appreciate the challenges of this profession, today we propose a close-up on the missions and competencies expected of a Data Scientist.


    Data Scientist was first created in Silicon Valley by two engineers at Facebook and LinkedIn. It has grown considerably with the emergence of Big Data in companies. Indeed, the core business of Data Scientist is the management of information from various sources, often digital. From the information flows in his possession, this specialist develops strategies according to the objectives of the company. These strategies can be related to various vital segments of the company: sales, digital marketing, mobile development, etc.

    The Data Scientist business is totally focused on statistical techniques combined with IT tools. These elements allow it to analyze the data left by prospects on the company’s website, the mobile application or on social networks, to synthesize them and translate them into an operational strategy to speed up the Growth or profitability. The ideal Data Scientist should combine the skills of a manager, a computer programmer, and a statistician.


    Its main mission is to add value to the data collected by the company. As a result, it carries out rigorous analyses, using mathematical and algorithmic models, in order to derive a useful value for the benefit of the company. This specialist is also involved in solving the complex challenges facing the company in terms of acquiring qualified traffic, transforming prospects into a customer, improving the supply chain, product development or customer loyalty. Ultimately, all the missions of the Data Scientist aim to keep the company at a higher level of competitiveness in its sector of activity.


    A good Data Scientist is a versatile and very talented specialist. He usually has skills in statistics, data analysis, numerical modeling, mathematics and computer science. In addition to these competent, a Data Scientist will have to have some skills in marketing, business relations, communication and customer relations. A rare bird!

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    Being at the crossroads of several trades, it is not easy to situate the exact place of the Data Scientist in a company. However, this professional occupies a strategic position since he collaborates with several departments of the company: the general management, the marketing department or the IT department.

    The missions of this data scientist are strategic because he is called upon to propose solutions to complex and diverse problems concerning all the sectors of the company, with a view to ensuring a better positioning on the market.


    There are not yet any university courses adapted for this trade. This is why a curriculum of the computer programmer, statistician or mathematician is just as suitable for this job. Training in digital communication is a valuable asset for understanding data from Inbound Marketing. Nevertheless, many French engineering schools and universities (INP, HEC, ENSAE, Paris Tech, Tech …) are doing their utmost to offer training courses dedicated to this trade.

    Although nascent, the business of Data Scientist continues to fascinate by the scope of its missions in the company. At the frontier of several specialties, this new business quickly evolves according to the problems faced by companies, at a time when data is a central element of decision-making. It is, therefore, a profession with a bright future which, according to the Harvard Business Review, is the “sexiest trade of the 21st century”.