How to Become a Rock Star of Entrepreneurship?


Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk … These names, which can be derived or not the entrepreneurial ecosystem, are known to all. They are sometimes used as a circumlocution to speak of their respective companies. True rock stars of entrepreneurship.But how did they achieve this level of popularity? This is what attempts to decipher Jayson Demers, founder and CEO of AudienceBloom in an article originally published on

During the past two decades, we have seen the emergence of a “golden age” of entrepreneurship.

A combination of factors – including the popularity of tech startups, the availability of more resources and technologies for business creation and a surge of interest in entrepreneurship – has cultivated a new and interesting picture in the emergence of new business: the entrepreneur-rock star.

With the same celebrity status as the traditional rock stars, these entrepreneurs generate public interest and generate a significant attraction for their respective brands. But how did they found there? And what practices to adopt to generate similar interest for its own brand?

The qualities of a rock star of entrepreneurship

First, one must wonder about the distinctive qualities of the prototype rock star entrepreneur, and wonder why this position is valued and coveted.

The face of a company. With time, these entrepreneurs have all become the face of their respective companies. In some cases, they are even more renowned than the company itself. Can you, for example, imagine Apple without Steve Jobs? More: how many people know the activities of SpaceX, Tesla and Solar City? However, these same people do not know they Elon Musk? I’ll bet that the popularity of Musk exceed that of his own companies.

Personality. Being a rock star entrepreneurship requires more than being at the head of a successful business. It must also have a recognizable personality, dynamic and attracts. This latter quality does not mean you have to be friendly and nice to everyone. Rather, it is to have a personality that the largest number key. Thus, the consent of Richard Branson to be helped openly helped boost its popularity as much as that of its brand.

Become a model, a reference. People also idealize those who have done amazing things. It themselves allows them to learn and with a little luck, to replicate the success of these references. This is why it attaches to the CEO of extremely successful startups even though such CEOs are not trying to become popular (like Mark Zuckerberg).

The human factor

It is necessary to recognize that a major factor in the lives of rock stars of entrepreneurship is a quality that is inherent in us, to us humans, we like to meet and network with our peers. It is much easier to analyze, learn and be inspired or entertained by someone with a face and a personality rather than a business.

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The mere fact that a person is a real human being – and a sincere human – can be a catalyst to its potential attractiveness.

Only a few entrepreneurs involved?

Many startups and businesses explode in popularity, but only part of these successful entrepreneurs finally achieve the status of “rock star.” Why ? This can partly be explained by the visibility: some entrepreneurs deliberately avoid the limelight.

But another reason, more important, is the effect of fashion, which means that many tend to focus on what is already popular. In essence, once some entrepreneurs reach a certain threshold of popularity, they become even bigger celebrity by the media exposure. Their popularity with the general public then increases rapidly.

How to become a rock star of entrepreneurship?

So how can we do to become a rock star entrepreneur? What strategies should we adopt?

  • Building a Personal Brand: Whether one wants to become the face of his brand or simply promote in higher circles, personal branding allows to address a larger audience, closer and trust more easily. We must remain true to oneself: people respect sincerity. Make demonstrated his true personality and expertise will generate popularity for the long term.
  • Be bold:  We must learn to distinguish itself in a unique way. Be bold in its actions and proposals, and to benefit from any advertising opportunity.More is generated impact and release more attention to personal branding and corporate image will be. Elon Musk is a bold entrepreneur: recognized for its ambition to colonize Mars and create accessible sustainable energy resources for the planet, Musk proves that when you really want, you can.
  • Be published:  Not surprisingly, if one wants to get exposure, must be published. Work to get some forums in general publications, starting with the least prestigious and local media to make a name is a good start.
  • Improve its visibility. You do not become rock star overnight! If one wants to achieve this level of popularity, progressively step up its efforts. This means to address larger and better influencers, improving its content production and monitoring of his personal brand.

Even if we adopt these characteristics and we will work diligently to promote his personal brand, there is no guarantee of becoming a rock star of entrepreneurship. However, gains in favor of the popularity of his personal brand can (and they certainly will) benefit to the popularity of the company’s brand image. Every effort involved to promote will be rewarded in one way or another.

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