Blogging: How To Overcome The Impostor’s Syndrome


    One of the definitions of impostor syndrome is the fact of not being able to admit or accept your success. Rather, you will attribute it to timing, luck, chance, or something else that is not related to your abilities or your efforts.

    Another way to define it ( a little different ) by applying it to blogging is to say that what we do, the area in which we are supposed to be trusted, could be observed by a "  true  "specialist and described as poor or amateur.

    In a sense, success exists, but we do not believe it; and in another sense, one is constantly afraid of a failure that never really manifests itself.

    If you get closer to the specialists of any industry, you will realize that they have (all) in them certain insecurity and fears.

    Here are some answers to your questions:

    1. The fact that other people are smarter than you can be quite legitimate

    The reason I say this is that I want to avoid making you think that anyone who lives insecurity is just showing some symptoms of the impostor syndrome.

    But the fact that someone is ahead of you about something does not mean there are not enough people behind who might need your help.

    The question to ask at this stage is: who cares?

    2. Fear and insecurity are emotions, not decisions

    It is normal to have fears or feel insecure. It's human to worry sometimes or be stressed. These are realities with which you have to count as long as you are on earth.

    But just having these kinds of emotions does not mean that they have to govern you. Emotions are just emotions. They are not choices.

    My question at this level will be: What decisions do you make?

    3. You may decide to let your sense of insecurity push you or stop you

    It's a question of choice. You may find yourself facing a complicated situation, feeling the adrenaline rising in you and remaining completely stuck, or using that force to do the right thing. The feeling of insecurity can stop you if you let fear or stress take over.

    Feeling these emotions does not mean you can not learn to manage them, and even use them to your advantage. You can let your fears exist, and use them to boost your actions.

    3rd question: when will you let your fears work for you instead of working against you?

    Fuel instead of freezing

    Your nervousness, your stress, the fear of getting caught and others, can actually be fuel for you.

    Imagine yourself as a music band that sees its main singer take the door. The feeling of insecurity that you feel at this moment should rather galvanize you and push you to improve all at the same time on the individual level as in a team so that his departure is more perceived as a mistake on his part ( if I and then express myself ) as a loss to you.

    the curve of the impostor

    The impostor's curve is similar to the pattern that a snake leaves when it moves on the ground (a series that "v" glued to each other).

    It's a succession of increasing highs, and you can only reach the highest peaks (high levels of performance ) if you are willing to let your feelings of insecurity and stress take you back to a learning posture..

    Instead of deceiving yourself by telling yourself that you are not stressed by the fact that someone can meet your limits, you can instead accept the truth and use that fear to stimulate your learning and growth.
    • So, what do you intend to do now?
    • Will you feel insecure boosting you?
    • Will you accept to face your fears without letting them dominate you?
    • I look forward to hearing from you.

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