Modern Customer Experience 2018- Chicago, IL

Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience 2018 Conference


We are looking forward to attend Modern Customer Experience 2018 by oracle in Chicago, IL. You can also register for Oracle’s Modern Customer Experience 2018 Conference on Oracle Website

We are in the age of the customer, where consumers can change markets and define the success of a business in seconds. Their expectations are changing, and they want to manage as more than ever. There is no doubt that the digital age has transformed the way we shop and share our experiences. If you’re going to stay nimble, put yourself in mind that there will be no return to a pre-Web mentality.

In Modern Customer Experience 2018 Speakers discuss about Marketing Tracks, Sales Tracks, Commerce Tracks and Service Tracks covering all modules respectively.

The “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) is at the forefront of digital innovation and remains an essential tool if you want to succeed in the customer’s age. Continually evolving towards customer engagement across all channels, CRM should help you win the hearts of your customers, and in 2018 it promises to do much more …

In Modern Customer Experience 2018 Conference you can learn about:

  • Marketing Tracks
  • Sales Tracks
  • Service Tracks
  • Commerce Tracks

In Short All CX Tracks Under One Roof.

Why Attend

Legendary experiences are born here. Register by March 16 for $1595 with discount code LEGEND.

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