Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn About Intranet

Why Entrepreneurs Should Learn About Intranet

In the past, the concept of intranet was not something that would be of interest to fresh entrepreneurs and small companies. It was all but reserved for the largest corporations that employed thousands and that required their own little piece of internet. Nowadays, however, smaller companies are also able to afford intranet and it makes financial sense for them to seriously think about it. This is why entrepreneurs should definitely learn about intranet, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Intranet Basics

The easiest way to explain intranet is to say that it is internet, but a fenced-off one, serving the purposes of a single organization. In essence, any private network set up in order for the members of an organization to collaborate can be considered intranet. Technically speaking, local area networks (LANs) are a form of intranet. Nowadays, however, intranet usually describes much more elaborate solutions, most often provided by a third-party service provider and boasting innumerable features and elements.

A standard intranet setup can feature data depositories, project management and collaboration tools, corporate directories and different software necessary for a company's different departments to work in unison.

Naturally, such an internal network can boast great benefits for a company and nowadays, even the smallest companies can afford to benefit from such setups.

Availability of Data

One of the biggest reasons why intranet is so useful is that it can be set up in a way so that it provides unrestricted access to all company data to everyone in the company. For instance, the HR department can make all of their guidelines and reports available to management, the owner and the employees. No one has to put in requests to gain access to these and much of unnecessary communication is cut out, leading to significant savings.

Thanks to this availability of data, it is also much easier for different departments to work in unison. Instead of having to go through the pain of interdepartmental data exchange, all departments can simply tap into the central data depository and work from there.

Improved Collaboration

The next big selling point of intranet solutions is the fact that is facilitates collaboration on a whole other level. The best intranet solutions will feature a number of tools that can be used by different teams working on projects together.

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When used in synch, all of these tools will ensure that teams do not waste time on incompatible solutions that will require a huge waste of time to synchronize. Thanks to these collaboration tools being tied in with the rest of intranet features, this will speed up reporting, invoicing and archiving of project data.

For smaller companies and entrepreneurs, these collaboration tools make intranet solutions like Interact perfect for companies that feature employees in different physical locations. In such situations, intranet's collaborative strengths can dramatically improve efficiency and reduce waste of man hours.

No More Waste

We have already mentioned how the introduction of intranet to any organization can reduce waste in man hours by providing better synch between various operations within this organization. However, this is not the only way in which intranet can cut down on waste.

For instance, HR is notorious for producing a lot of paperwork and when this paperwork is handled in a traditional way, it wastes huge amounts of paper (which is bad for the environment and the company budget) and it also wastes huge amounts of time. By moving an organization's HR department to intranet, it allows for much more streamlined HR practices that can save a lot of time for everyone.

In fact, all of the situations in which paperwork would ordinarily be too cumbersome and almost too much can be improved by the introduction of intranet. Employee guidelines, various policies and training manuals can all be stored on the intranet, easily accessible to anyone who might have a need for them down the road.

Closing Word

Considering how beneficial intranet solutions can be for any company and especially considering how affordable these solutions have become, there is no reason why all entrepreneurs would not learn about it and think seriously about implementing it in their organization.